The versatility of hemp

Hemp’s beautiful green head keeps popping up in the most unlikely places.  From unorthodox shoes, to high fashion, to Astronaut’s food. Check out some of the unorthodox applications of the versatility of hemp here.

Lets start from the bottom.  Vibram is known for their ultra-light running shoes. These shoes supposedly correct the type of poor running form that leads to injury. They have recently released a running shoe made from hemp- the CVT hemp.  Vibram touts the material’s breathability, durability and sustainability. That is a lot of abilities for one shoe. Sure to fit into your fitness lifestyle, the hemp running shoe is available here.

versatility of hemp

The Vibram CVT-hemp

Moving up, hemp has been making it’s way into high fashion.  Part of this is due to hemp’s ease of growth when compared to cotton- but mostly hemp just makes good material. Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Armani have all released products that have a hemp component.

Hemp’s versatility does not stop at shoes and clothing.  Hempcrete is a concrete-like building material that can be used as back-fill and insulation in houses.  One of the most unique aspects of hempcrete is the fact that it literally removes CO2 from the air as it cures.  Hempcrete is already being used regularly in Europe and could be a cornerstone of clean air and sustainable building.

But there is more to this plant.  Hemp is getting ready to take off, literally. Right now Derek Kesek and Hempearth are building an airplane out of Hemp. Well, mostly hemp.  Hempearth is in the design phase and are planning for takeoff next year.  

In another place-or space I should say, hemp has already taken off.  In fact, Its actually made it all the way into orbit. Astronauts aboard the International Space Station have made hemp a part of their balanced breakfast. “Holy Crap”  is a Canadian cereal that has hemp seeds as one of it’s key ingredients.  Nasa scientists studied the cereal for almost a year before it was launched up to the international space station and eaten by mission commander Chris Hadfield and his crew.

Hemp is one of the most versatile plants in the world.  It’s uses stretch beyond the products covered in this article and include cars and beer.  The applications of hemp aren’t exactly limitless- but it seems that way sometimes.  Check  this blog often for more news on unique uses of hemp.

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