RSHO Performance

If you’re having trouble sleeping, if you want to keep the health of your digestive tract or simply looking to encourage overall health, your body can truly benefit from RSHO Performance product line. We also have topical products that can help you cool down after a workout and provide relief to tired muscles and joints, from surfing all day to hot yoga at night.

A well-operating endocannabinoid system keeps the immune system in check, promoting a balanced immune response and better health. Our RSHO Performance Immune Support CBD capsules are designed to naturally support an efficient endocannabinoid system and healthy immune function. We also know that gut health is extremely important to our overall wellness. That’s why we developed our HempMeds Digestive Support supplements, loaded with goodness for your belly!

We didn’t forget this wondrous healer and helper for our health: sleep. From improving our daily lives with hormonal stability to advancing our body’s restoration, sleep is key. That’s why we created our HempMeds RSHO Performance Sleep Support supplements with our finest CBD and natural botanical ingredients. You’ll have sweet dreams.

And when you need relief for sore joints or muscles RSHO Performance has you covered with our CBD Salve is a pocket-friendly solution for you to have your CBD on the go. Just rub it on this way: apply your desired amount, rub into affected joints and muscles, massage into the area. Live well. Train hard. Recover fast with HempMeds.

Like a hot spring at a glacial resort, our RSHO Performance Cooling Active Relief roll-on will give you revitalizing care in an icy hot therapy your body craves. With it's potent menthol, 50mg of pristine CBD and stimulating licorice root, your strained or aching muscles, joints and ligaments will appreciate you. Convenient, therapeutic power-to-go.

Our RSHO Performance line products are made to help get you through the tough times with their natural balancing properties. As always, if you have questions, message or email us anytime.

HempMeds® is Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s distribution company, responsible for bringing innovative hemp and CBD products to a burgeoning, global market demanding access to these products.

For HempMeds®, our mission begins with safe, reliable hemp and continues all the way to the top quality products in your home, with safety and consistency standards held higher than anything else.

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