Quality & Safety Testing

Quality & Safety: Triple Lab Testing™

When it comes to your health, you should never be uncertain about what you’re consuming. When we started HempMeds® in 2012, there were no standardized testing procedures for cannabinoid products, so we created them.


All our products go through our rigorous Triple Lab Testing™ process. Each product is tested 3 times during production for safety and quality standards by independent laboratories. We’re so thorough, our testing partner Pro Verde Laboratories was kind enough to record this video about our products.


We test every batch of our CBD Oil to ensure our consumers get the levels of natural constituents they expect from the quality CBD hemp oil they purchase. Additionally, all our products are tested for safety, to ensure there are no solvents, heavy metals or other potentially harmful materials in our oil. Because we take these steps, we are always confident in our products, and you can be too.

Triple Lab Testing™

Each batch of our hemp oil undergoes high quality testing at 3 points in the production process.

First, after the oil is extracted from the hemp plant.

Second, once it arrives in the United States after being shipped from Europe.

Third, samples from each batch of our final products are tested for cannabinoid content and safety.

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