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Nano Enhanced Hemp Oil

One of the trends in the CBD world right now is “nano-enhanced” versions of our favorite cannabinoid. If you’re a regular user of CBD hemp oil, you may have heard of it and wondered what it is. Here we break down all you need to know about nano-enhanced hemp oil.

In your search for information about CBD and hemp oil, you may have come across the term “nano-enhanced hemp oil” along with claims about its advantages. In this guide, we take a deep dive into nano-enhanced CBD products to help you learn more about their history and their distinguishing features, as well as discuss whether there’s any validity to their purported benefits.

(By the way, if you’re fairly new to the CBD scene, we recommend you read our Hemp Oil Guide first, then come back for more information.)

“Nano” the Buzzword

You don’t have to be a scientist to know that “nano” means small. In fact, the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “nano” may be as it applies to the brewing industry.

First there were microbreweries, then “nano” breweries became a thing just a few years back and took on the life of a buzzword. It basically means that the brewery is so small that they only brew 2,000 barrels of beer per year (quite small in the beer world). In the world of craft anything, small often equates to better and higher quality.

However, it’s not quite the same when it comes down to CBD hemp oil. “Nano” still means small; but nano enhanced is a much more complicated and scientific term and process.

What Is Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil?

Nano-enhanced hemp oil is a CBD oil that goes through another scientific step designed to help it be carried faster and more efficiently through the human body.

First, the oil is pulled from hemp using supercritical CO2 extraction (the same process that we use for our oils) to yield a clean and pure CBD concentrate. This concentrate can then be mixed with other nutritious oils (and sometimes natural flavors) or go through even more filtering processes.

For most CBD hemp oil products, this is where production usually stops and the oils are tested and packaged for human consumption. However, in nano-enhanced hemp oils, there is one more step that changes how the oil is delivered into the user’s bloodstream.

Nano-enhanced hemp oil is when the CBD compounds themselves are surrounded and coated with a layer of microscopic balls of fat. These spheres are called nano lipid spheres or liposomes. Liposomes are super small spheres made of phospholipids — the basic building blocks of cell membranes.

Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil: The Benefits

Once attached to the CBD, the liposomes carry through the body with speed and ease. This process is called the nano-liposomal delivery system, and it’s the biggest benefit of nano-enhanced hemp oil. The nano-enhanced CBD compounds are absorbed in the user’s system at a rate of almost 100%.

By bypassing the digestive and GI processes, hemp oil that is nano-enhanced will have a higher bio-availability (percentage and rate of absorption). This can give the consumer more immediate natural effects.

Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil: The Downsides

Nano-enhanced hemp oil’s biggest bragging right is that it works “faster” compared to other CBD products. This is true, in terms of initial bioavailability, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s working “better.”

Though nano-enhanced hemp oil’s absorption speed is a leading benefit, it also has a number of traits that may be considered downsides for certain consumers. First is the fundamental argument against absorption speed post-CBD ingestion. CBD naturally bolsters the body’s endocannabinoid system — but it does so over time. For maximum benefits, users should take a serving of CBD oil every day, not every so often in a quick one-shot application.

As nano-enhanced hemp oil is also highly-purified, it erases any benefits associated with whole plant nutrition, an important aspect for many CBD oil consumers. Full-spectrum CBD oils contain a number of beneficial natural ingredients, including chlorophyll, terpenes, flavonoids, a number of vitamins and minerals, and even other cannabinoids. Nearly all of these ingredients are filtered out in nano-enhanced hemp oil.

A final drawback of nano-enhanced hemp oil is its price. Nano-enhancing is an extra step in the production process, which raises the cost of manufacturing. In most cases, a portion of that cost is most likely passed onto the consumer.

Is Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil Safe?

When manufactured responsibly and taken in suggested serving sizes, nano-enhanced hemp oil, like all-natural high-quality hemp oil, appears to be safe. Before buying any CBD product, always do your research on the manufacturer to make sure their products are well-reviewed and created safely. Before consuming any CBD product, always check the packaging to make sure you are getting an appropriate serving size.

Is Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil Psychoactive?

Like all properly-produced hemp CBD products, nano-enhanced hemp oil is not psychoactive. CBD does not result in any psychoactive effects when consumed. CBD is most commonly sourced from hemp, which cannot legally contain more than 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis. (THC, as many readers know, is the psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis.) Finally, it’s important to remember that nano-enhanced hemp oil is refined several times after the hemp is cultivated, so its THC content is effectively zero. That said, it’s always important to consume nano-enhanced hemp oil in suggested serving sizes.

Nano-Enhanced Vs. Regular CBD Hemp Oil

With fast absorption speed, nano-enhanced hemp oils claim to not waste any CBD within the body. While this may be true in some cases, using CBD is more of a marathon and less of a sprint. Your consistent, daily serving of CBD is more important than how quickly you “feel” it.

For example, if you take your CBD oil sublingually (under the tongue) or vape it, you’re getting the exact same effect as you would when taking nano-enhanced hemp oil. Each of these alternative methods is absorbed in the bloodstream in a matter of seconds. Pure CBD oil, CBD oil tinctures, and even CBD isolate used under the tongue is a great way to get your daily serving of CBD with quick absorption times.

Capsules and edibles will take a bit longer to work — and yes, some percentages of CBD are lost during digestion. However, most consumers likely have a good reason for taking their CBD that way. These reasons may include cost, additional ingredients, or proven product effectiveness. Plus, you can enhance how well the CBD is absorbed through digestion by timing your serving with your meals.

Bottom line: “nano enhanced” is a neat trend, but not one that HempMeds® is currently offering. Our diverse line of CBD hemp oil products lets our customers choose the delivery method that works best for them.

More About Hemp Oil and CBD

If you’re new to CBD, we encourage you to experiment with different delivery methods until you find the one you like. HempMeds® has a full line of top CBD hemp oil products and we’re ready to answer any questions you may have about CBD.

Shop our online CBD shop today or call 1-866-273-8502 to get started with hemp-derived CBD products. Visit our blog for more information about hemp and CBD, and their role in promoting overall wellness.

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