3 Head scratching facts about hemp

Here are 3 fun hemp facts that will make you scratch your head and detonate your interest in the most versatile crop in the world

Fact # 1 -Was used to clean the soil in Chernobyl

Beyond atmospheric cleansing, they discovered that hemp also removes toxins and radioactive chemicals from the soil! Researchers realized that hemp engages in phytoremediation – that is, remediating the soil by eliminating chemicals from it. Still scratching your head?

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Fact #2 – Henry Ford built a car with a plastic made from hemp

Henry Ford, the man who revolutionized the automobile industry in the 1900s, built a hemp-made car that ran on hemp oil as well! His 1941 prototype car was so strong that not even an axe could cut through its panel.

Watch the video:

Fact #3 – U.S. encouraged hemp farming for victory in World War II

Hemp was prohibited by the Controlled Substances Act in 1970, and was only legalized again in 2018, thanks to the Farm Bill. So it is hard to imagine the U.S. government encouraging hemp farmers previous to that.

But weirder things can happen! In 1942, the Department of Agriculture promoted hemp for the World War II effort. They even released a short documentary called “Hemp for Victory”, aiming to encourage farmers to grow hemp and support the war.

Watch it here:

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