Natural Beauty: The Power of Natural Skin Care

Skin is our body’s largest organ. Just to name a few superpowers of our skin, it is our shield of protection against infection, injury, and harmful chemicals. I think it’s fair to say our skin doesn’t get the credit it deserves.

If you want to nourish your valuable skin the way it should be, we can help with that. We think the safest way is by using natural skin care products. First, let’s get a better understanding of what natural skin care is and why artificial products have no place in your bathroom.

What is Natural Skin Care?

According to an ABC News report, American women put an average of 168 chemicals on their bodies each day, but federal regulations on personal care products have not changed much since the 1930s. That’s why it’s important to know what ingredients are in the skin care products and if they are beneficial for you or harmful.

While not all synthetic or artificial ingredients are bad, many are made of chemicals that have the potential to cause irritation or breakouts. Plant-based and natural skin care products help to relieve the worry of whether the added chemicals are safe or not.

In the past decade there has been a revolution in “natural” and “organic” cosmetics and agriculture. The cosmetic and skin care industry is well aware of this. Unfortunately, some companies have used it for their financial gain by claiming these natural or organic ingredients are better for you.

The truth is just because a skin care product has “natural” or “organic” on its label does not mean it is automatically good for your skin. Everyone’s skin is different, but when it comes to treating your skin like the miracle it is, choosing products with clean, natural ingredients gives you a great advantage over choosing products with artificial ingredients.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not have a definition of natural or organic products. With that said it is generally accepted that natural is a term used to describe an ingredient that exists or is caused by nature. It really is up to the consumer to do the research. One source is the nonprofit, Environmental Working Group’s skin care database.

Natural skin care at home

Why Is Natural Skin Care Better?

You know there is a seemingly never ending list of skincare products to choose from. Here are reasons why you should opt for natural and organic skin care solutions:

  • Using natural ingredients can be beneficial in reducing skin irritation, especially for people with sensitive skin.
  • What could be better than nature? Natural ingredients are not made in a laboratory. Natural ingredients have been found in ancient natural remedies from cultures all over the world for good reason. They work.
  • Skin absorption. Would you take a drink of chemicals that you could not even pronounce? Probably not, but that’s what happens when the skin absorbs those same chemicals into the body.
  • Natural and organic skin care ingredients are more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Sleep better knowing you aren’t adding to the list of toxic chemicals being poured into our oceans and water reserves.

To find a guide on those hard to pronounce words in the ingredients, visit this skincare ingredient dictionary.

CBD Oil for Natural Skin Care

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil has proven to have great potential for helping the body maintain balance and wellness. Can that some power be harnessed into your skin care products? Yes, it can.

Derived from hemp, CBD oil is an all-natural botanical extract packed with ingredients that nourish and rejuvenate the skin, from CBD to essential fatty acids.

At HempMeds®, our topical products are made from the highest quality hemp-derived CBD in the world. We know this because we set the standard in hemp CBD oil. Our unique hemp seed was chosen from over 3,000 possible cultivars because of its ideal cannabinoid ratio and ability to thrive.

CBD and the abundance of other botanical compounds naturally found in hemp diffuse through hair follicles and your skin’s epidermis and pores, to deliver the cannabinoid’s balancing properties right to where they’re needed most.

What Can CBD Oil Do for Skin?

Hemp CBD actively promotes skin and muscle wellness. CBD naturally encourages balance and better functioning by interacting with the endocannabinoid system, responsible for regulating homeostasis in our body through the communication between cells.

When CBD is absorbed through the skin, it interacts with nearby cannabinoid receptors, thus stimulating the endocannabinoid system and encouraging its efforts to keep your skin and hair nourished, protected, and functioning at their best.

The natural balance-promoting properties of the best CBD products are the perfect, natural solutions for addressing troubled skin areas or dry hair. Topically applied hemp oil promotes recovery after rigorous activity or a day of hard work outside.

A CBD topical can come in the form of an ointment, balm, lotion, or cream that is formulated with CBD oil and other natural ingredients. Unlike most other CBD products, a CBD topical is applied right to the skin, allowing you to address troubled areas and direct the balancing benefits of CBD right where they’re needed most.

Utilizing natural ingredients like licorice root, jojoba and almond oil in combination with hemp CBD aid in restoring skin. Hemp promotes elasticity, moisturizes and can help with age spots and tight or rough skin.

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