CBD Oil Under Tongue

CBD Oil: Under The Tongue Application

One of the most common ways to use CBD oil is to place it under the tongue. Here’s why the method is effective.

How you consume your CBD oil product can be extremely important because it plays a role in how your body absorbs and delivers the botanical compound to your body, directly influencing how effective a CBD serving will be.

The “under-the-tongue” method of consumption has become a highly popular choice among HempMeds® customers for its ease of use and efficiency.

Under-the-Tongue Administration

Under-the-tongue administration of CBD oil is one of the most convenient and simplest methods for getting your daily CBD. When you use this method of CBD oil consumption, you drop, spray, or spread your CBD oil product under the tongue. The active compounds in the CBD oil diffuse through the mucous membranes in the mouth and are then delivered to the bloodstream.

By holding the CBD oil under your tongue for 60-90 seconds, most of the active ingredients in CBD oil products are taken up by the capillaries in the mouth. You can then swallow the remaining hemp oil to allow any leftover compounds to enter the bloodstream through the digestive tract.

Benefits of Administering CBD Oil Under Your Tongue

The under-the-tongue method of using CBD is considered by many to be one of the best ways to dispense CBD oil. In general, there are three benefits to placing CBD oil under the tongue:

  • Fast absorption
  • Greater absorption
  • Ease

Taking CBD oil under your tongue is one the fastest ways to deliver CBD into your system. When you absorb hemp oil compounds under the tongue, they’re able to bypass the digestive system and metabolization by the liver. Instead of being broken down by the liver’s enzymes, the CBD and other active compounds in the hemp oil more quickly reach the bloodstream where they can stimulate their effects.

By allowing CBD to bypass the digestive system and liver, the under-the-tongue method also likely increases the degree at which the compounds are delivered to the bloodstream. The percentage that a substance is absorbed into the body is referred to as bioavailability. One study found that on average, taking CBD under the tongue increases the amount that’s absorbed by the body by 15-25 percent than when it’s swallowed.

The under the tongue method of using CBD oil also offers convenience for those that value getting their daily CBD product but are always on the move. It takes only a few seconds to place the serving under the tongue and then you’re able to go about your day.

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Effects of Placing CBD Oil Under the Tongue

Once CBD and the other botanical compounds found in hemp oil are absorbed and reach the bloodstream, they’re able to get to work promoting health and wellness. Cannabinoids like CBD augment the body’s naturally occurring endocannabinoids to promote homeostasis within the body’s systems.

CBD and other cannabinoids are able to stimulate their natural benefits by interacting with your body’s endocannabinoid system, a native regulatory network that is responsible for keeping the body and its wide array of physiological functions in balance.

CBD interacts with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system, called cannabinoid receptors, to stimulate the system and support its objective of maintaining homeostasis. Once CBD is able to interact with the cannabinoid receptors and support the endocannabinoid system, the regulatory network is able to function more efficiently to optimize your body’s performance each day.

Because CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, you’re able to benefit from the natural balancing properties of cannabinoids without having to experience any euphoric effects.

Hemp CBD oil products also provide your body with many essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, proteins, terpenes, and flavonoids. Adding these crucial nutrients that are often missed from our diets through daily CBD oil servings also promote health and well-being.

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CBD Oil Products That Can Be Placed Under the Tongue

Many of the CBD oil products on the market can be consumed under the tongue. HempMeds® pure CBD hemp oil and CBD liquid tinctures are popular CBD oil products that you can place under your tongue for fast absorption.

Pure CBD Oil

Our flagship brand Real Scientific Hemp Oil® is available in four Label selections, features high-CBD hemp oil extracted straight from the hemp plant for high concentrations of CBD per serving.

Our RSHO® Green Label is hemp oil in its most raw form, pressed directly from the hemp plant’s stalk. Our popular RSHO® Blue Label offers hemp CBD oil that’s been decarboxylated to maximize cannabinoid content. For a more refined taste, our RSHO® Gold Label has been decarboxylated and filtered to remove excess waxes and plant material. Lastly, our RSHO® Special Blend combines our Blue and Gold Labels for those seeking high percentages of CBD.

CBD Tinctures and Liquids

Perhaps the most popular CBD that can be placed under the tongue, these products blend pure CBD hemp oil with carrier oils. HempMeds® carries two CBD tincture brands in our online shop, including RSHO® and Dixie Botanicals®.

Our Dixie Botanicals® Dew Drops brand offers full-spectrum CBD hemp oil tinctures that are lightly sweetened with Stevia extract and naturally flavored with peppermint and cinnamon oils.

Our RSHO® Liquids blend award-winning RSHO® hemp CBD oil with medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil derived from wholesome coconut oil and sustainably sourced palm oil. Available featuring Green, Blue, and Gold Labels, RSHO® Liquid has a sweet flavor that makes it ideal for under-the-tongue delivery.

CBD Isolate

CBD concentrates are an ideal under-the-tongue CBD product if you’re looking for the highest level of CBD. CBD concentrates feature hemp oil that has been filtered down to high concentrations.

HempMeds® offers RSHO® CBD Isolate, a pure isolate powder with 99 percent CBD. A proprietary process filters plant material and removes excess waxes, leaving a crystallized CBD isolate powder with no taste or smell that you can place under your tongue.

Add CBD Oil To Your Day

HempMeds® is Your Trusted CBD Source™ for CBD oil products. Get started with under-the-tongue CBD oil products today by visiting the HempMeds® online CBD store or call 1-866-273-8502.

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