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CBD Oil For Sale Online

If you take CBD “on the reg”, as in daily, then this article is for you. Because you, my CBD oil daily user, you know your stuff. (In case you need a refresher, visit our guide to buying CBD oil.)

You already know that CBD oil delivers copious amounts of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. You don’t need to be told how calm and relaxed you feel after your daily serving of CBD. You know your sprays from your tinctures, your green from your gold, the decarboxylated from the supercritical.

In fact, you are so CBD savvy, you even know what a salve is.

However, where do you buy your CBD oil–who’s your source? What’s their source, for that matter? Where’s the best place to get the highest quality product? How do you know what red flags to look out for and what scams and pitfalls to avoid?

We’ll cover that and more, and hopefully, raise your CBD IQ a bit…


Why You Should Buy CBD Oil Online

Yes, we know, it’s shocking that an online company would tell you to buy stuff online, while you’re online. Stay with us though, because we have some important points to make. We’ll break down why the purchasing of CBD oil should be done online through reputable companies and manufacturers. These four main areas that directly impact the decision to buy cannabis oil online are: selection, information, quality, and price.


You can find CBD oil for sale at a few brick and mortar, specialty stores. Dispensaries and head shops, natural food stores, a handful of doctor’s offices, and some health/wellness specialists (meditation, acupuncturists, herbalists) might carry it. But each has its own caveats and limitations.

Dispensaries will often only carry CBD oil that also has THC in it, significant levels of THC. (Which could also be illegal, depending on which state you reside in.) Point is, it can be somewhat confusing to find CBD-only oil in medical marijuana stores.

All-natural, buy-in-bulk food stores will sometimes carry CBD oil, but their selection will be very small. Probably one or two brands to choose from and most likely the CBD oil will only come in one or two forms to choose from. Another thing to look out for in stores like these is that they sell hemp seed oil, which by itself is great nutritionally, but is certainly not CBD hemp oil as we’re discussing it today. We’re not saying the stores purposely try to deceive their customers, and in some cases, they might not even be aware themselves of the differences between hemp seed oil and CBD hemp oil, derived from the hemp stalk and seeds. A small bottle labeled “Hemp Oil”, which if you read the fine print is usually hemp seed oil, not CBD hemp oil, is a little deceptive on someone’s part.

Some traditional, western Doctors will carry CBD oil in their offices but your odds of finding one are tough. If you do find that golden ticket, it will come with limited choices, as you’ll most likely get whatever brand they carry (and you can almost be certain that it’ll be marked up way above market price).

Alternative medicine outlets or clinics (referred to as “holistic medicine” by some) that practice yoga, meditation, acupuncture or acupressure, and offer eastern herbal blends/treatments might be a good place to walk in and purchase CBD oil. Much like the health food stores though, they will only have a small selection of brands and types, usually just one.

If you visit one of your favorite stores and they don’t have HempMeds®, ask them to carry our products or reach out to us by email or social media. We’ll have our team contact them to see about placing our products in locations you already visit.


If you do happen to find the CBD oil brand and type that you desire in a traditional, retail store or office, congratulations! You’re one of the lucky ones. But hold on… what if you have questions?

Perhaps you’re unsure about the serving sizes, or how much you should take? Maybe you have questions about the color, the taste, the shelf life, how it should be stored, the best time of day to ingest it, should you take in an empty or full stomach, are there any side effects, how quickly does it start working, where was the hemp itself grown, how was it processed, who tests it, what do they test for… you see the problem, surely.

Will the gal working at GNC know? Or the kid working the checkout line at Sprouts? Pretty doubtful. A dispensary store worker (a “budtender” or patient service consultant) will probably have more information than most, but their speciality and expert knowledge is usually with THC-containing products, particularly the various strains of marijuana leaf and buds. This possible bias might prevent you from receiving all the information you need.

To get expert answers to all of your questions about CBD hemp oil, you need to do your homework online. Between blogs and posts, third-party research, and countless sellers, you can find the answer if you have the time. Another way, which may even save you some time, is to pick up the phone and talk to someone at a reputable CBD oil company, like HempMeds®. Our call center is staffed by experienced, trained, CBD oil experts who can tackle any and all questions you may have.


If you do get your hands on some CBD oil product from a store, how can you tell if it’s a good, quality product or not? Reading the back of the bottle? You could ask someone in the store, but we’ve already been over that. Unless you’ve received a direct recommendation from a friend or you’ve tried this product in the past, you simply don’t know. You have to try it and see.

Online sellers of CBD oil can provide a wealth of information regarding the quality of their product. Specifics such as sourcing, processing, extracting additional materials, testing, and measuring CBD quantities should be easily available from a trustworthy, reputable CBD oil manufacturer. For example, here is an excerpt from HempMedspx.com about our CBD oil quality:

HempMeds® sources its hemp from a collective of 750 farms in Northern Europe that grows our hemp free of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides to ensure that our hemp isn’t exposed to any outside contamination that can affect our final products.

HOW IS THE HEMP OIL PROCESSED?  Because our hemp is grown in ideal conditions to produce our CBD hemp oil products, we never use harmful chemicals in our extraction process. Instead, we extract our hemp oil using supercritical CO2, which the FDA considers GRAS or generally regarded as safe. This chemical process allows us to ensure that our CBD hemp oil products are always free from contamination to best protect the health of your family.

IS THE HEMP OIL TESTED?  Our safety tested process starts at our hemp’s harvest, where it is tested for outside contaminants. Following importation into the U.S., our CBD hemp oil is tested again by an ISO / IEC 17025:2005 accredited lab to check for microbes, mold, heavy metals, and other possible contaminants, as well as for potency of the cannabinoids present. Finally, after our hemp oil is formulated into our many products, they are batch tested to make sure that the final product is ready to be shipped to your door and safely used by you and your family.

HOW MUCH CBD IS IN IT?  It is important to know the potency of any product you are adding to your diet. It is for this reason that HempMeds® also tests for the concentration of cannabinoids in our hemp oil, as well as for outside contaminants. This testing for the potency of our oil allows us to ensure consistent servings of CBD in our products. That means that the HempMeds® products that you come to trust will be dependable every time, with the same reliable levels of CBD you count on when you buy CBD hemp oil.


The bottom line: how much is it?

Yes, money and budgets do play a part in how much and what type of CBD oil you can purchase. Honestly, everything in life costs more than we want it to, right? So what’s the best way to get most bang for your buck? Online.

Shopping online through reputable sources saves you money since you benefit from the reduced overhead costs. We ship directly from our processing center with no middlemen in-between. We pass these savings onto you. Walk-in brick and mortars simply can’t compete with online stores from an inventory and overhead standpoint.

Where To Buy CBD

The smartest, safest, and surest way to buy CBD oil is to do it online with a company you can trust to deliver a superior product and sales experience.

Spoiler alert! We highly recommend HempMeds for all your CBD oil product needs. Check out our guide to buy CBD.

Regardless of how you prefer to take your CBD hemp oil products, the HempMeds® team can help you find the products that best fit your lifestyle. Call our product specialists at 866-273-8502 or visit our education page to learn more about our products.

HempMeds® products are legal to purchase and deliver in the United States. To get started with CBD hemp oil products, shop our online store today. If you’re interested in bulk or wholesale hemp oil, let us know today.



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