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As you know, HempMeds has been around for more than eight years, providing the finest CBD (cannabidiol) products you trust. Since day one, our mission is to provide better quality of life and wellness for our costumers. Just like that: simple, straightforward and uncomplicated.

Our story really is one of helping people and families when they had nowhere else to turn, making that difference in homes across America and then the world. As we’ve grown, we’ve expanded our offerings to help business owners too! We believe in partnering with people, experts and institutions who see CBD as an important wellness source.

This is why we decided to give a new face to our well-recognized brand.

Our essence remains the same, but you’ll discover the new HempMeds to be more vibrant, close to you, and walking side by side with scientists and health professionals.

We want to be the bridge that provides access to the finest CBD products around the world, bringing life quality and wellness to society.

We also want to help everybody understand the science behind CBD and how it triggers our body’s internal system. We want CBD to go mainstream, demystify the use of CBD and break down the stigma and taboo around hemp-derived products.

Did you know? We are the first mainstream CBD hemp oil distributor and first provider of CBD products in Mexico and Brazil.

HempMeds has consistently worked through controversy and confusion in our efforts to provide CBD oil products nationwide. Despite these challenges, we have made massive progress making CBD accessible – all while always keeping our customers’ safety and security in mind.

Every day we are committed to helping more and more people realize the benefits of CBD, and the blessing it can be to those who need it most.

We continue to educate, innovate and persevere in the journey to make CBD products available, anywhere in the world, to anyone who wants them. We lead this charge because we have personally seen the difference CBD can make to an individual and their family’s life, and the joy that comes from it.

Those incredible moments of seeing someone with renewed hope for the future is just one the many reasons why we are proud to be your trusted CBD source.

We believe in creating change, thinking differently.

Many try to swim against the sea, we prefer to float in a more fluid direction.

When the world says there is only one way to go, we prefer the road less traveled.

When people resist listening to new ideas, we bring science and exploration.

When life’s daily challenges overwhelm you, we work to enlighten and navigate through the obstacles.

This is our daily agenda, this what we do with honesty, seriousness, commitment and wisdom.

Our desire is to make your personal journey become a normal adventure.

Count on Us

Our commitment to sharing the wellness benefits of CBD go beyond our award-winning products. Whatever questions you have about CBD and hemp, we’re here to help. Our customer service team is always available via phone, email or live chat to answer your questions, and if you’re interested in learning all you can about CBD, our blog has got you covered.



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