Find the right CBD hemp oil product for you.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has been one of the most exciting discoveries in health and wellness in recent years. Coverage in major media outlets has made CBD a household name, and people are discovering its benefits for themselves every day.

Our comprehensive guide to CBD hemp oil products will give you all the information you need to know to get started using CBD and should answer any questions you have before you buy CBD hemp oil.


Answering the question “what is CBD oil?” starts with developing a base understanding CBD itself. Short for cannabidiol, CBD belongs to a set of chemical compounds called cannabinoids. Like many cannabinoids, CBD is found only in the cannabis plant — namely from hemp, where it’s most commonly sourced. CBD can be found in CBD oil, an extract made from the robust, leafy green stalks of the hemp plant.

The most beneficial CBD oil products retain the many materials from the hemp plant, while others are refined to contain only CBD. Below, we’ll show you how to find the right CBD oil for your needs.


This short overview will help you identify the three main factors to consider as you buy CBD hemp oil.

Type of CBD Oil

One of the big questions to consider first when buying CBD hemp oil is: Do I prefer full-spectrum CBD oil, broad-spectrum CBD oil, or CBD isolate products?

Full-spectrum CBD oil products are recommended for most people because they provide the benefits of hemp’s many naturally occurring nutrients. As pure CBD oil extracted from the hemp plant, full-spectrum CBD oil provides value beyond being a source of CBD. It also offers an extensive list of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, proteins, fatty acids, terpenes, flavonoids, and trace amounts of a number of cannabinoids. These compounds are thought to work together synergistically to promote well-being in a concept known as the entourage effect.

Broad-spectrum CBD oil products retain CBD and the entire list of nutrients and compounds native to the hemp plant, except for any measurable levels of THC. Broad spectrum CBD oil is a great choice for those looking for the entourage effect advantages of full-spectrum without exposure to detectable amounts of THC.

CBD isolate products are made with the CBD compound only. Starting with the same full-spectrum CBD hemp oil, a proprietary process removes all of hemp’s native compounds, except for CBD. While CBD isolate does not provide the entourage effect, it is a good option for anyone who would like CBD only or who needs or prefers to avoid measurable amounts of THC.

Delivery method

The ways to take our CBD hemp oil products are as varied as our customers themselves. Finding the best delivery method for you when you buy CBD hemp oil often means finding the product that fits into your already established routine.

We offer convenient methods that let you get your CBD hemp oil on the go, like our liquid extract tinctures used under the tongue and our individually-wrapped edibles. Easily stored in your laptop case, gym bag or desk at work, these ultra-portable CBD products are there when you need them for use throughout the day.

For more potent servings, MCT oil-based CBD hemp oil liquids can be taken by themselves or easily blended into food or smoothies for a healthy lifestyle product. Or you can buy CBD hemp oil capsules, the perfect daily solution to CBD products. Simply mix them in with your routine each morning for a full serving of CBD hemp oil.

Finally, our CBD can also be taken as a pure CBD hemp oil from our RSHO® oral applicators. Offering the highest concentration of CBD in our products, our pure hemp oils are taken under the tongue and held for 60 seconds before being swallowed. These pure hemp oil products maximize the benefits achieved from whole plant hemp extracts, including high levels of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and other trace cannabinoids.

You can even apply our CBD hemp oil topically in our hemp oil salves or CBD bath and body products. Designed for external use, we offer skin soothing CBD salves, hemp oil shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deep moisturizers and anti-aging skincare. Our topically applied hemp oil products will pamper and protect your skin all day long.


Potency refers to the concentration of CBD in each product. We measure our products’ potencies in milligrams per serving. For instance, our RSHO® Maximum Strength pure hemp oil is our most potent product with225 mg of CBD per serving, while most products contain between 10 and 50 mg per serving.

Some customers prefer a high potency product, like our RSHO® pure hemp oils, taken once or twice a day. Others prefer using a lower potency product like a tincture throughout the day for a sustained level of CBD all day long. Often our customers include several products into their routine, finding a combination that works best for them when they buy CBD hemp oil.

There is no perfect answer for how much CBD is needed in a hemp oil product. Each of our products provides suggested serving sizes, but ultimately the amount of CBD taken and the exact serving size will depend on your individual needs and preferences.


Consistency is key when it comes to a CBD hemp oil routine, so the best CBD products for you are the ones that you feel comfortable budgeting for each month. While the potency of a product is often the prime factor in determining price, other factors, like the amount of processing and packaging put into a product, also play a part in its final cost when you buy CBD hemp oil.

Our lowest priced products, like our 1-ounce CBD tinctures and our edible Dixie Botanicals® CBD Gems, offer a great starting point at $30 and under for those looking to ease into the use of CBD hemp oil products.

However, we offer competitive prices on all our hemp oil products, thanks to our streamlined CBD hemp oil pipeline, perfected over time since we began in 2012. Regardless of the amount of CBD you are looking to integrate into your day, HempMeds® provides value you can trust.



Becoming an informed buyer is the best way to find a safe and effective CBD hemp oil product that fits your needs. Getting informed means more than just knowing the answer to “what is CBD oil?” It means understanding where your product comes from, how it’s made, and how extensively it’s tested. Here are a few questions you should ask before buying any CBD hemp oil product.

How is the hemp grown?

Quality hemp starts with high-quality sourcing. Like all types of cannabis, hemp is a bioaccumulator, which means it absorbs just about everything in the soil. For soil rich in nutrients, this is a good thing. For contaminated soil, not so much. To ensure that the CBD oil you’re getting is safe and concentrated, you first need to make sure its sourced from non-GMO and high-CBD hemp grown without toxic agents.

At HempMeds®, we source our hemp from a generational family-owned farm in the Netherlands, where the soil is both filled with healthy nutrients and plants are grown organically, free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

What is CBD oil? How is CBD oil processed?

What is CBD oil? CBD oil, also commonly called CBD hemp oil, is a substance extracted from the hemp plant that naturally contains high concentrations of CBD. Once high-quality hemp is harvested, the method used to extract the oil plays an important role in determining the CBD oil’s final content and quality.

At HempMeds®, we use supercritical CO2 (classified by the FDA as GRAS or generally regarded as safe) to extract our CBD oil without adding any toxins to our CBD products. This method ensures the highest degree of safety and CBD concentration.

Is the hemp oil tested?

Due to a lack of regulations, not all CBD hemp oil products available are made and tested with safety in mind. The best CBD hemp oil products in the world are those that undergo rigorous testing to ensure they’re free of contaminants and contain reliable levels of cannabinoids.

At HempMeds®, we employ our industry-leading Triple Lab Testing® process to examine the quality and makeup of our CBD oil at three separate points during manufacturing before shipping it out to you.

  • First, our cultivators in Europe periodically test our hemp throughout the growing season and immediately following harvest.
  • Once our hemp oil arrives in the U.S., it is tested again by independent ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited labs to meticulously check for contaminants and ensure proper cannabinoid concentration.
  • Finally, following formulation, we batch test every one of our products before sending it out to once again verify that they will be safe and consistent. That way, we know you’re getting a high-quality CBD hemp oil product.

How much CBD is in a CBD product?

Not all CBD hemp oil products have the same amount of CBD, and because of a lack of industry regulations, some may contain significantly more or less CBD than their label advertises. Narrow your shopping down to companies that are well-reviewed and use state-of-the-art testing facilities so you know you’re getting the amount of CBD you expect. Be sure to always read packaging: You should find CBD concentration levels clearly listed.

If you’ve made it this far in our guide, you know that our team here at HempMeds® uses the most stringent testing methods in the industry to ensure reliable cannabinoid levels across all of our CBD hemp oil products. With us, you can feel confident you’re getting the most reliable CBD hemp oil products available.


In most cases, the answer to “what is CBD oil?” involves more than the pure CBD extract itself. Outside of pure CBD oil, additional nutritious oils and natural flavors may be added for convenience and to enhance taste.

While some companies may add unhealthy filler materials, our products are made with only the finest natural ingredients. These include additional oils like coconut oil, peppermint oil and almond oil, as well as other all-natural ingredients like ginger root and beeswax. You can find an expanded list of some of the ingredients used in our products below.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is typically known for its ability to soothe gastric issues and to provide upset stomach relief. The use of peppermint oil for medicinal purposes can be traced back to ancient Egypt, China, Japan, Europe and Greece. It was thought to originate in Northern Africa with medical documents dating back to 1550 BC in Egypt. Egyptians valued peppermint to the extent that they even used it as currency.

Almond oil

Almond oil

Almond oil is well known for its amazing benefits for your skin, but did you know it’s also used for the colon and the heart? The almond originated in the Middle East and southwest Asia, and was used for medicinal purposes and as a part of a healthy diet. Fun fact: 100 grams of almond oil contains 200% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin E — that’s one heck of a power-packed drupe!



Sustainable beeswax is created by the astonishing handiwork of female worker honey bees. Not only is it a work of art, beeswax contains powerful skin moisturizers and protectants among other extraordinary benefits. The oldest evidence of the use of beeswax dates back to the seventh millennium from Neolithic sites in Anatolia, meaning it’s been used for at least 9,000 years by humans. The benefits of beeswax have captivated many societies and cultures throughout time.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has become widely popular over the past few years. Its trendy status as a “newly discovered health and wellness ingredient” is interesting, considering that it has been used for food and medicine for thousands of years. Coconut oil is more easily digestible than other fatty oils, which has helped increase its widespread use of late.

Ginger root

Ginger root

For more than 5,000 years, ginger root has been used and traded as a spice. It was also used for medicinal purposes. It definitely lives up to its name as the “golden spice.” Used originally by Indian and ancient Chinese cultures, ginger root has many health benefits that have now been scientifically studied and verified.


The simple answer to this question is: it depends.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not released any official Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) numbers for CBD. Experts generally recommended starting at a relatively low serving size and moving up to the amount of CBD per day that feels right for you.

As you hone in on your target CBD serving size, our team here at HempMeds® can help you find the perfect product to fit your needs. We are proud to offer an extensive selection of CBD hemp oil products with CBD concentrations ranging from 4 mg of CBD per serving in our 1-oz Dixie Botanicals® tinctures to 225 mg per serving in our RSHO® Maximum Strength pure hemp oil oral applicators. You can also mix and match products if you have a serving size that falls somewhere in between these concentrations.

Our CBD hemp oil products are available in three potency categories:

  • The first includes CBD tinctures and CBD edibles with between 4 and 17 mg of CBD per serving.
  • The second includes CBD capsules and our line for RSHO® Liquids, which offer 25 and 31 mg of CBD per serving, respectively.
  • The most potent category includes our RSHO® pure CBD oils packaged in oral applicators, which offer CBD concentrations ranging from 50 to 225 mg per serving, depending on the label chosen.

If you’re just starting out with CBD, start low and work up as needed. You can learn more about each of our three concentration categories below.

Low potency

A great place to start for those just getting into CBD, our CBD hemp oil tinctures start at a little over 4 mg of CBD per serving and come in travel-ready 1-ounce containers. We also offer 2-ounce bottles that contain a tincture with a concentration of more than 16 mg of CBD per serving.

Explore our two brands — Real Scientific Hemp Oil® and Dixie Botanicals® — for a host of unflavored and flavored blends, including cooling peppermint, delicious all-natural vanilla and tangy tangerine. Our RSHO® tinctures are available in our Green, Blue and Gold labels, each processed slightly different to meet your individual needs and preferences.

Looking for something that’s not liquid? Our popular Dixie Botanicals® Gems and Kicks energy chews are edible products that are also listed among our low-potency CBD solutions. Each individual chewy Gem contains only 10 mg of CBD, making it a great choice for those looking to introduce the exciting compound into their wellness routine.

Medium potency

At the center of our three potency categories is a selection of RSHO® and Dixie Botanicals® CBD hemp oil capsules that contain 25 mg of CBD per capsule. Travel-ready and easy to consume, these compact CBD solutions are great for those looking to add a moderate level of CBD to their day.

Moving just slightly up the potency ladder, our RSHO® Liquids contain 31 mg of CBD per serving. Combining our RSHO® pure CBD hemp oil with a medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil derived from wholesome coconut oil, RSHO® Liquid also provides a number of other healthy ingredients, including vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. It also doesn’t need to be refrigerated, so it’s also a great option for anyone who is regularly on the road.

High potency

Those who’ve adjusted to CBD and are seeing marked benefits from it will find no shortage of potency in our RSHO® pure CBD hemp oils. Delivering among the highest concentrations in our product line, RSHO® pure CBD hemp oil is extracted from the hemp plant, tested for quality, and packaged for sale with no additives. These pure CBD hemp oils are high in CBD and are great sources of the compounds native to hemp, including vitamins and minerals, terpenes, flavonoids, healthy fatty acids and even extra cannabinoids.

So, how much CBD is in a serving of RSHO® pure CBD hemp oil? The answer depends on the label.

  • Green Label is raw CBD oil, so it has a high CBDa content and contains 50 mg of CBD per serving.
  • Blue Label, one of our most popular CBD hemp oil labels, is put through a decarboxylation (heating) process that converts CBDa into CBD, for a total of 85 mg of CBD per serving.
  • Gold Label, which is decarboxylated and then refined, contains a potent 120 mg of CBD per serving.
  • Special Blend combines our Gold and Blue Label oils into a single product, delivering 190 mg of CBD per serving.
  • Maximum Strength blends our Green Label and Gold Label varieties for 225 mg of CBD per serving.


Trust isn’t given. It’s earned. And our commitment to safety is a reason we have become the trusted source of CBD for hundreds of thousands of customers.


The quality of our products begins with the hemp used to make them. We tested over 3,000 cultivars of hemp before settling on the one that would thrive in the ideal microclimates of the Netherlands where we naturally grow our crops to produce the optimal ratio of CBD for use in our hemp oil products.


We put our products through a Triple Lab Tested® process that checks our oil from start to finish for contaminants like mold, mildew, fungus, yeast, E.coli, Salmonella, mycotoxins and heavy metals.

Our safety-tested process also helps maintain consistency in the potency (cannabinoid concentration) of our products. Our labs test for the level of CBD, CBDa, THC and over a half dozen other cannabinoids. This consistency means you are getting the right levels of CBD in every serving, every time. That is why you can be confident when you buy our CBD hemp oil products.

HempMeds® CBD hemp oil products contain no more than trace amounts of THC, the compound in cannabis that can have psychoactive effects, meaning that our products are always safely non-intoxicating for use by the entire family.


HempMeds® is proud to offer CBD hemp oil products from brands like award-winning Real Scientific Hemp Oil® and Dixie Botanicals®.

Real Scientific Hemp Oil®

Real Scientific Hemp Oil® is the world’s leading hemp CBD oil brand. All RSHO® products are derived from non-GMO hemp, scientifically extracted using a solvent-free CO2 process, and quality-certified through our Triple Lab Testing® process to bring the powerful natural benefits of hemp CBD. It’s a science that we take great pride in day in and day out.

Good health starts with purity in what we put in our bodies. Focusing on foods high in vitamins, minerals and other essential nutritional ingredients, and avoiding chemical additives help the body maintain a healthy balance. With this in mind, Real Scientific Hemp Oil® (RSHO®) CBD hemp oil products are made with all-natural ingredients like pure extracted hemp oil to promote homeostasis and support modern diets often lacking in many of the nutrients present in the hemp plant.

The RSHO® brand embodies our mission of promoting purity in hemp oil by providing products free of gimmicks and excessive additives or processing. RSHO® delivers unflavored, pure hemp oil products that can be used by everyone, regardless of where they live, to promote balanced living.

Dixie Botanicals®

Dixie Botanicals® all-natural hemp oil products provide the holistic benefits of CBD in convenient and portable products to fit your active, mobile lifestyle. Dixie Botanicals® products are derived from non-GMO hemp, scientifically extracted using a solvent-free CO2 process, and quality-certified through our Triple Lab Testing® process to ensure the safety and reliability of every product, every time.

Known for exceptional product quality and a versatile selection of CBD solutions, Dixie Botanicals® is one of the premier CBD brands in the world. Featuring convenient, consumer-focused products that make using CBD a snap, even on the go, the Dixie Botanicals® lifestyle brand has earned its place as an industry-leading CBD brand in the minds of thousands of customers.

All Dixie Botanicals® products are made with our expertly cultivated hemp oil and formulated by a team of scientists, clinical herbalists and nutritionists for the highest quality sources of CBD. Our Dixie Botanicals® line offers consumer-friendly products like hemp oil tinctures, vegan capsules, CBD chewy edibles, and even a CBD-infused sunscreen.


No matter your health needs or individual preferences, there is a CBD hemp oil product that will seamlessly fit into your daily health routine.

Pure CBD Hemp Oil

Ready to reap the rewards of CBD hemp oil in its rawest, least-refined form? Now you can with Real Scientific Hemp Oil® (RSHO®). This CBD hemp oil retains much of the healthy natural ingredients found in the hemp plant. Designed for daily use, our pure CBD hemp oil comes packaged in an easy-to-measure oral applicator for accurate, mess-free servings.

Available in three main labels (Green, Blue and Gold), our RSHO® provides a high-CBD hemp oil product with minimal processing. Because of its high concentration of CBD, RSHO® is our most expensive line of products. In the 3 gram tubes, our Green Label contains 300 mg of CBD for $69, the Blue Label has 510 mg for $99, and our refined Gold Label tops out at 720 mg for $109.

Learn more about the differences between RSHO® Green, Blue and Gold Labels.

CBD Tinctures

While our RSHO® pure hemp oil is our most potent product, our tinctures are generally our least potent. Made with the same hemp oil as our other products, our tinctures are made with medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil to give them a convenient liquid consistency and lower overall potency between 4 mg and 17 mg per serving.

RSHO® and Dixie Botanicals® feature tinctures in their brand. Our 1 oz bottles that contain 250 mg of CBD are available for $27. Our shop also offers 2 oz bottles with 500 mg of CBD that range in price from $54-$85.

While RSHO® tinctures are unflavored, Dixie Botanicals® offers all-natural flavors like vanilla, strawberry, tangerine and peppermint. Both Dixie Botanicals® and RSHO® tinctures include handy dropper tops for easy oral application.

CBD Liquids

Our RSHO® brand also carries a line of liquid CBD oil products. RSHO® Liquid is made by blending our pure hemp oil with MCT oil for a mid-potency product that offers the benefits of pure RSHO® hemp oil with the ease and portability of tinctures.

Because RSHO® Liquid is made using sustainable coconut, it can easily be added to your favorite foods and beverages or taken with a spoon. Read our guide to creative ways to enjoy your RSHO® Liquid or come up with your own favorite method to take RSHO® Liquid.

At 31 mg of CBD per serving, RSHO® Liquid fits into the middle of our products’ potencies, allowing customers to access the benefits of all three RSHO® Labels at a lower price and potency. The 4 oz bottles contain 1000 mg of total CBD, regardless of the label chosen, and range in price from $119-$329.

CBD Capsules

RSHO® and Dixie Botanicals® CBD hemp oils are also available in capsule form for added convenience. Simply add them to your daily vitamin routine, and you’re good to go.

For customers with potency preferences RSHO® capsules come in three different labels — Green, Blue and Gold — starting at $99 for the RSHO® Green Label Capsules. Offering the same benefits as our original RSHO®, each capsule contains 25 mg of CBD, plus 200 mg of calcium and an additional 200 mg of our very own blend of white willow bark and powdered turmeric for additional health benefits.

We also offer CBD hemp oil capsules aimed at functional solutions, including Sleep Support, Digestive Support, and Immune Support. At $59.99 for a 30-count bottle, this Everyday Wellness line combines CBD hemp oil (15 mg of CBD in each capsule) with other key natural ingredients.

For $82 for a 30-count bottle, 25 mg CBD capsules from Dixie Botanicals®, formulated without the white willow bark and turmeric blend, are also available.

CBD Edibles

You can also easily add the benefits of CBD hemp oil to your routine with edible CBD products, designed to be swallowed and absorbed through the digestive system.

Dixie Botanicals® CBD Gems are chewy CBD-infused edibles that come in a delectable watermelon flavor. They’re available for $13.99 for a 10-count bag and $31.50 for a 30-count jar.

For a balancing kick of energy, Dixie Botanicals® Kicks combine CBD with B vitamins and 100 mg of caffeine. Available for $49.99, these CBD energy chews feature a tart sour apple flavor.

CBD Isolate

For those who would prefer to avoid even trace levels of THC, CBD isolate undergoes a proprietary filtration process to present CBD in the form of a 99% pure powder.

RSHO® CBD Isolate, priced at $49 per 1-gram jar, contains roughly 990 mg of CBD and can be used under the tongue, added to foods and drinks, vaped, and added to other CBD products to up their potency.

Our popular RSHO-X™ delivers CBD isolate in a liquid form. CBD isolate powder is combined with MCT oil for a liquid CBD hemp oil with no measurable amounts of THC. RSHO-X™ is available in a 4-ounce bottle with 1000 mg of CBD for $165 and an 8-ounce bottle with 500 mg of CBD for $329.

CBD Topicals

CBD is more than just a superfood. It’s also showing tremendous promise as a topical solution. When used in correct amounts, CBD can bring a number of benefits to the body after being applied to the skin. Explore the topical CBD solutions we have available for sale below.

Available for $34, our RSHO® CBD hemp oil salve is packed with 500 mg of CBD per jar. Each of these skincare solutions combines CBD with a host of healthy topical ingredients, including beeswax, cedarwood, lavender oils and camphora essential oils for additional benefits. To use, simply apply a generous amount to targeted areas of the skin and massage until absorption. Reapply throughout the day as necessary.

The benefits of CBD hemp oil are extended to the skin and hair in HempMeds® line of bath products. Made with the same CBD hemp oil as all our products, we infuse our products further with a natural botanical blend of ingredients formulated to pamper and protect your skin and hair.

Featuring body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion, HempMeds® has your whole bath routine covered. You can buy each HempMeds® product separately, in a bundle, or buy the whole line to treat yourself or someone you care about to a luxurious, spa-like shower experience.


Get answers to your common questions about CBD hemp oil.


    • Hemp and hemp-derived products like CBD hemp oil are legal to buy and use in the United States. The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill clarified the legality of hemp products, allowing them to be bought and sold commercially. CBD oil that’s derived from marijuana remains illegal at the federal level but is accessible in some states with medical and recreational cannabis laws. Hemp-derived CBD oil is available legally throughout the U.S.


    • Hemp only became legal to grow in the U.S. in December of 2018 after decades of prohibition. In Europe, however, hemp has been cultivated for at least the last 700 years. Over that long period of time, European farmers mastered the natural cultivation of hemp and are skilled at growing thriving plants without the use of pesticides or other chemicals. Therefore, we continue to import all the hemp oil used in the formulation of our products from the Netherlands, one of Europe’s leading agricultural countries. Learn more about European hemp.


    • Hemp has become a popular legal source of cannabinoids like CBD in a number of countries around the world. Legal hemp is classified here in the U.S. as having a THC content of less than 0.3% by dry weight. Working with a cooperative of farms in the Netherlands, we carefully tested and reviewed 3,000 cultivars of hemp to find the one that would thrive and produce the optimal ratio of cannabinoids necessary for our products. The hemp oil sourced from these hemp plants are high in CBD and low in THC, and allow people in the U.S. and around the world to legally experience the benefits of cannabinoids while avoiding intoxicating effects.


    • Our CBD hemp oil products, when taken daily, add CBD, as well as essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, terpenes, flavonoids and other trace cannabinoids to your body’s systems. CBD supports balance in the body and promotes optimal functioning by stimulating and supporting the body’s endocannabinoid system.

      Wondering where you can purchase and import our products? The list is over 40 countries long and includes nations in Europe, East Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.


Discover more about CBD oil through our education page, or shop our online CBD store now to get started adding CBD to your system.

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