Your hemp oil supplement routine is a breeze with these little wonders. Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ oral applicators offer an easy to use pure hemp oil product, providing high levels of CBD per each serving. The unique oral applicator system makes it a snap to maximize your daily servings.

rsho oral applicators

Most of our oral applicators (3 gram and 10 gram tubes) come with a plunger style system for dispensing our oils. All you have to do is gently push down with the plunger, into the measuring syringe.

There are three different types of Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ available: Green Label, Blue Label and Gold Label. Green is thought of as more “raw, while Blue is decarboxylated and the Gold is filtered. Think it of it as orange juice: extra pulp, some pulp and no pulp.

Green Label RSHO™

Our Green Label RSHO™ is closest to the organic makeup of the natural hemp plant of our three label types. We do not decarboxylate our Green Label RSHO™ after extracting it from the hemp plant, so the oil is kept in its raw form, similar in idea to juicing the hemp plant. Green Label oil is also a great source of essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and other trace cannabinoids. Because of its minimal processing, our Green Label RSHO™ has the lowest price point of our RSHO™ types.

Blue Label RSHO™

The same base hemp oil as our Green Label, the Blue Label hemp oil has been put through an additional decarboxylation step, heating the oil slightly to change the molecular structure of the oil’s cannabinoids, transforming the plant’s CBDa to CBD. With a CBD content of around 17%, depending on the batch, RSHO™ Blue Label oil is an excellent source of CBD, without sacrificing the chlorophyll and many vitamins, minerals, and amino acids present in our unfiltered oil.

Gold Label RSHO™

Similar to our Blue Label oil, our Gold Label RSHO™ has been decarboxylated to modify its natural CBDa to CBD. Additionally, our Gold Label RSHO™ is put through an extra filtration process to remove the hemp plant’s excess waxes, chlorophyll, and other plant material. This purification stage refines our oil to a golden color, removing much of our Green and Blue Label’s “green” chlorophyll taste. This process also leaves our Gold Label oil as the most potent of our products, maximizing the CBD content to approximately 24% per batch.

Special Blend RSHO™

While our hemp oil products come in a range of potencies, from as little as 1 mg to more than 100 mg per serving, no product we offer matches the high CBD content per serving of our RSHO™ Special Blend.

Our RSHO™ Special Blend combines high concentration decarboxylated oils into a single product, allowing the user to receive high levels of CBD in a single supplement. Special Blend packs 190 mg of CBD into every serving, making it our most potent product at 3800 mg per 10 gram tube.


Convenience! Whether you’re on the run or on the go, you can always get your daily serving of CBD oil.

why use rhso CBD oral applicators

These handy, lightweight, portable applicators travel anywhere you do. You could be at the gym, picking up the kids from practice, or dropping off some dry cleaning. No matter the errand or task, it won’t stop you from measuring out the perfect serving of your daily CBD. They also store your precious hemp oil, hopefully in a fridge or cooler to ensure maximum freshness.


To dispense your serving of RSHO™, remove the cap from the oral applicator and depress the plunger until the desired amount of oil is dispensed according to the markers on the side. The oil can be placed directly on your fingernail, a butter knife, or a spoon and placed under the tongue and held for 90 seconds. We show you exactly how to use them here: “How to use RSHO”.

The exception to this method is the 15 g Green Label oral applicators. These oral applicator tubes use a dial, rather than a plunger, to dispense servings of RSHO™. Again, before use, remove the cap from the oral applicator, and then turn the dial to dispense the desired serving size. A half turn of the dial (180 degrees) on the 15 gram tubes will give you the 0.5 g suggested serving; a full turn of the dial (360 degrees) will give you a one gram serving.

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We strongly recommend that you store your RSHO™ oral applicators in the fridge to preserve the oil’s freshness and to extend its shelf life.

It is important to remember that our pure hemp oils are natural botanical extracts, and that some change in color and viscosity of the oil is normal from batch to batch. Take care of your CBD so it can take care of you!

To view or purchase our RSHO™ oral applicators, click here. Available in one, three or six packs.


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