This is Why We Use Carbon Dioxide to Extract Our Hemp Oil

Our commitment to the integrity of our brands has driven us to make careful decisions about how we grow, extract, formulate, and package our products. When it comes to protecting our customers, one of the most important choices we’ve made is using supercritical CO2 in our extraction process. Selecting this safe and environmentally sustainable extraction method helps us secure our place as Your Trusted CBD Source.

What is Extraction?

Botanical extract oils can be sourced from different plants using a number of extraction methods. Typically, a solvent is passed through the plant material, pulling the compound rich oil from the plant. The solvent is then removed in a purging process, leaving behind a concentrated oil. When extracting from hemp, the oil can next be formulated into products or further refined and purified into a number of forms, including a golden dewaxed concentrate or crystallized CBD isolate.

Although it can be costly and requires skill and experience to do correctly, extraction using supercritical CO2 is a safer and more reliable method for obtaining pure hemp oil. This means that HempMeds® can ensure that only the safest, highest quality products are shipped to your home.

Why Supercritical CO2?

When we discuss supercritical CO2, we are referring to carbon dioxide that is in a fluid state because it is held at its critical temperature and critical pressure. Supercritical CO2 is an important development in commercial extraction due to its low toxicity and minimal environmental impact. Because the FDA considers CO2 extraction to be GRAS or “generally regarded as safe” for commercial extraction, this method is popular in the food industry. The stability of supercritical CO2 also allows most compounds to be extracted with little damage. In the coffee industry, supercritical CO2 is already widely accepted as safer than traditional solvents to extract the caffeine from decaffeinated coffee beans.

Because it is non-toxic and non-flammable, supercritical CO2 is preferable over chemical solvents like butane, hexane, and acetone, which can linger in the extracted oil if not purged correctly, rendering the oil toxic. It has also been noted that botanical essential oils extracted using supercritical CO2 are truer to the scent of the original plants than in other forms of extraction, meaning more of the plant’s chemical structure is retained in the oil with the use of CO2.

All HempMeds® Products Tested for Safety

Despite the fact that HempMeds® uses an extraction method that has been proven to be safe, we still take the time to quality check our products with our Triple Lab Tested™ process. We use certified labs to check our hemp oil at three points during the manufacturing process to confirm accurate CBD potency numbers and ensure it is free of residual contaminants like mold, mildew, heavy metals, and residual solvents. We go to these lengths because the safety of you and your family is our primary concern. That is why we are confident HempMeds® will be Your Trusted CBD Source.

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