The Leading RSHO™ CBD Products for Athletes

Athletes all over the world have already discovered the positive effects CBD can provide them as they compete in their individual sports.

Whether you are playing a contact sport like football, an endurance sport like marathon running, or just trying to stay in shape by remaining active, you will receive a number of benefits by adding RSHO™ CBD hemp oil to your training routine.

RSHO™ Special Blend Oral Applicator

Many sports push the human body to the brink of its endurance and capabilities. When our bodies are taken to these limits time and again, it is important to take steps to promote overall homeostasis and balance within our systems. No RSHO™ product contains as high a concentration of CBD per serving as RSHO™ Special Blend in the oral applicator. A potent mix of pure hemp oils, each half gram serving of RSHO™ Special Blend includes 190 mg of CBD, as well as nutrients like essential vitamins and minerals, omega fatty acids, amino acids, and terpenes.

The strongest CBD product available in the HempMeds® store, RSHO™ Special Blend maximizes the effects of your daily CBD supplement, optimizing your body’s performance as you work to reach ever higher levels of athletic achievement.

RSHO™ Hemp Oil Salve

An alternative for athletes to ingesting CBD hemp oil is to use it topically. RSHO™ offers a CBD hemp oil-based salve that can be massaged directly into muscles and joints for a more focused application of CBD’s benefits. When used before and after activity, RSHO™ hemp oil salve can revitalize your tired body and replenish critical resources to keep your body functioning near its peak.

Many sports are played outdoors, exposing your skin to the elements. RSHO™ hemp oil salve can also be applied to rough, dry skin to moisturize, nourish, and protect throughout your activity.

Unlike many store bought sports lotions and salves, RSHO™ is made with botanical ingredients like aromatic essential oils and sustainably-sourced beeswax for a fragrant, all-natural experience.


Finally, a smart selection for competing athletes is our THC-free RSHO-X™. RSHO-X™ is the only product within our Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ product line that is made using an isolated form of CBD rather than a full spectrum hemp oil. As more and more athletes are coming out in favor of CBD, they are running into prohibitive testing regulations, causing them to either eschew safe CBD oil use for prescription medications or risk sanctions from their sport’s governing bodies.

Under these circumstances, zero-THC RSHO-X™ becomes the intelligent choice for athletes looking for the benefits of cannabinoids without banned THC showing up on their drug test. In fact, RSHO-X™ is the first CBD hemp oil product able to pass the restrictions set forth by the World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) for cannabis. Therefore, competing athletes can confidently use RSHO-X™ daily as part of their training regimen without fear of it negatively affecting their eligibility to compete. 

Learn more about the benefits of CBD hemp oil on our education page or shop our online store to get started with CBD today.


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