The HempMeds® Team Reveals How They Use CBD Hemp Oil Products Everyday

The HempMeds® team doesn’t just sell CBD hemp oil; we are customers ourselves, integrating HempMeds® products into our own lives in a variety of ways. It is because we have used our CBD hemp oil products ourselves that we are able to confidently recommend them to our friends, our families, and to you, our valued customers. Here, our HempMeds® product specialists reveal how they have added HempMeds® CBD hemp oil products to their daily routines to help you create a regimen of your own.


Despite having only been with the HempMeds® team for a short time, Nick has already made CBD hemp oil an important part of his favorite leisure activity. Keeping a jar of Dixie Botanicals® Salvation Balm in his golf bag, Nick applies our hemp oil salve as needed before, during, and after his round to soothe his tired muscles and joints.

After seeing how CBD hemp oil has affected his game, many of Nick’s golfing partners have inquired about his secret, and time and again, Nick produces his 1.3 oz jar of CBD oil salve from the HempMeds® store.


Like much of the HempMeds® team, Jessica has integrated several of our products into her day to maximize the benefits she sees from our CBD hemp oil products.

Jess uses ¼ g of our Blue Label pure decarboxylated hemp oil each day, half of the recommended serving size. While all our products come with suggested servings, the flexibility afforded by our products allows you to tailor your daily CBD intake as desired.

She also mixes our Blue Label RSHO™ with jojoba oil (though any MCT oil will do) and applies it topically on trouble areas like her wrists, elbows, and knees, allowing the oil to be absorbed through her skin. Finally, Jess uses the Cannabis Beauty Defined® exfoliator scrub every morning and RSHO™ salve every night for clean, healthy, youthful-looking skin.


After experimenting with our full line of products, Jeff has found that a single serving of either Blue or Gold Label RSHO™ pure hemp oil, taken a few hours before bed, leaves him feeling fully rested and energized the next morning. Spending his days fielding phone calls from HempMeds® customers, Jeff needs to be alert and able to respond to any question he might be asked, so he never misses taking his evening serving of CBD to stay sharp every day.


A two year veteran on our phones, Rachel, who uses our products to promote balance in her life, takes Dixie Botanicals® Dew Drops peppermint tincture daily to keep a constant level of CBD in her system, keeping our 2 oz bottle on her desk at work. On days she feels like she needs it, Rachel can add a serving of RSHO™ Blue Label oil, taken under the tongue using her fingernail, for an additional boost of 85 mg of CBD.


At 88 years young, Tony has made a habit of using RSHO™ Gold Label capsules every day, mixing them with the rest of his vitamins each morning. He uses RSHO™ Gold Label capsules to stay spry and promote overall homeostasis within his body, adding 25 mg of CBD to his diet each day.

For Tony, it seems unfathomable not to use our CBD hemp oil products. After hearing stories from hundreds of satisfied customers each week, he couldn’t help but use HempMeds® products for himself.


With two years experience as one of our HempMeds® specialists, Trina started using RSHO™ CBD hemp oil products before she even started working in our office. Discovering HempMeds® RSHO™ on the shelves of her local medical marijuana dispensary, her budtender’s lack of knowledge concerning CBD led Trina to do the research for herself. When she began to search the internet for more information, she never would have guessed that she would one day be sharing her knowledge of CBD with fellow HempMeds® customers.

Trina currently uses approximately 50 mg of CBD a day from a combination of Blue and Gold RSHO™ pure hemp oils, taken under the tongue off a butter knife and held for 90 seconds before swallowing.


Mike, with over a year of experience on our phones, prefers to use our CBD hemp oil products throughout the day, rather than taking just one daily serving. Keeping a bottle of Dixie Botanicals® Dew Drops tincture in his desk at the HempMeds® office, Mike ingests several servings during his time at work for a sustained CBD level. He also uses our RSHO™ CBD salve, massaging it into his foot throughout the day as needed. Finally, at night before bed, Mike adds a serving of our RSHO™ Gold Label hemp oil, bumping up his minimum daily CBD to over 120 mg.


Like many HempMeds employees, Misti began using our pure CBD hemp oils following a conversation with Dr. Stuart Titus, the president and CEO of HempMeds® parent company Medical Marijuana, Inc. She now takes up to 3 grams of RSHO™ pure CBD hemp oil a day – a gram each of the Green, Blue, and Gold Labels. Not only is Misti getting the best of all three RSHO™ labels, including levels of CBDa and essential vitamins and minerals, but she is also adding up to 200 mg or more of CBD daily.

It isn’t just the HempMeds® product specialists who use our products. Employees from other Medical Marijuana, Inc. divisions also use HempMeds® products on a regular basis.


Octavio uses our slim CBD oil vaporizers throughout the day, helping him supplant previous trips for a cigarette with flavorful puffs of naturally flavored CBD hemp oil. He also chews our CanChew® CBD-infused chewing gum through the day for an easy and discreet 10 mg of CBD. As part of his morning routine, Octavio uses the Cannabis Beauty Defined® toner as aftershave, as do many of the men in the office.


Our human resources director Melissa uses the entire Cannabis Beauty Defined® line of skin care products to maximize the brand’s anti-aging effects, leaving her skin youthful and bright. Part of her secret is mixing the Cannabis Beauty Defined® serum and moisturizer before applying for deep quenching, sealed-in moisture all day long. Melissa also puts our RSHO™ Special Blend pure hemp oil in vegan capsules, allowing her to tailor her own hemp oil capsules to dial in her own prefered CBD numbers.

The HempMeds® Mexico team also has made our products a part of their lives. Gabriela and Yvanne have put our Cannabis Beauty Defined® product line to work in their daily skin care routines. And they aren’t the only ones in the office. Most of our team uses at least one Cannabis Beauty Defined® product, and several use the complete skin care line. The guys on our team swear by the toner as an effective aftershave, while the moisturizer keeps the skin on their face healthy and refreshed.


The love for our products goes all the way up to the CEO of our parent company, Medical Marijuana, Inc. Dr. Stuart Titus starts every morning with a serving of RSHO™ Blue Label pure CBD hemp oil and ends his day with a serving of our Green Label oil. This twice-daily routine provides Dr. Titus a full-spectrum of cannabinoids, including levels of CBDa. He supports this routine with a nutrient-packed hemp smoothie, containing hemp milk, hemp seed, hemp protein powder, and a serving of our RSHO™ hemp oil liquid. To this, he adds various ingredients like berries or honey as desired for flavor. As with our other employees, Dr. Titus has made CBD hemp oil products a core part of his day after seeing the benefits it can grant to those who use it regularly.

Regardless of how you prefer to take your CBD hemp oil products, the HempMeds® team can help you find the products that best fit your lifestyle. Call our product specialists at 866-273-8502 or visit our education page to learn more about our products.

HempMeds® products are legal to purchase and deliver in all 50 states. To get started with CBD hemp oil products, shop our online store today.

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