The Best HempMeds® CBD Hemp Oil Products for Customers on the Go

Just because you are overloaded, running from one responsibility to the next, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have time to care for yourself. Although all our products are easy to use, HempMeds® offers several products that specifically allow you to conveniently bring our hemp oil with you and take your CBD product on your own schedule, when it is most convenient for you.

All of the following products are small, discreet, and extremely accommodating for use on the go. Don’t let doing something healthy get in the way of your busy day; try these HempMeds® CBD hemp oil products on the go.

Chewing Gum:canchew-main

The first in our series of most portable products is our CanChew™ brand CBD hemp oil infused chewing gum. At just $45 for a 32-piece pack, this zero-calorie chewing gum contains 10 mg of CBD per single-piece serving.

Taken on the way to work after your morning coffee, to freshen your breath before going out in the evening, or anytime you desire a minty kick of CBD, it is simple to add cannabinoids to your diet with CanChew® gum. Made with 50 mg of CBD hemp oil, you get all the natural benefits of hemp in every piece you chew.

As with all our products, increasing your daily levels of CBD can be as easy as taking another serving, and because it is sugar-free, you won’t feel guilty about adding CanChew™ gum to your diet.

Each box of 32 contains four blister packs of 8 pieces each. These individual sleeves can be effortlessly placed in your purse, laptop bag, or desk at work to ensure your CBD products always remain within reach.


Additionally, HempMeds® carries several brands of tinctures. Our tinctures are effective low-CBD hemp oil products that make taking a hemp oil product a snap – just spray or drop them under the tongue for fast absorption.

Three of our brands maintain a line of hemp oil tinctures. Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ (RSHO™) Blue Label tinctures combine our flagship RSHO™ with medium-chain triglyceride oil for 4 to 11 mg of CBD per serving. Similarly, our Dixie Botanicals® tinctures offer low-potency (1-3 mg of CBD per serving) options for our customers in naturally sweetened flavors like vanilla, peppermint, and cinnamon.

With our tinctures moderately priced starting at $29, it won’t break the bank to keep multiple bottles of our CBD hemp oil tincture at home, at work, in your gym locker, and even tucked into a daypack for adventures on city streets or country trails.

Customers also like our hemp oil tinctures because they allow them to take multiple low dose servings of CBD throughout the day, rather than a single large serving once, allowing customers to finely regulate a consistent level of cannabinoids in their system all day long.

Small enough to be taken in your carryon luggage and designed to sit among the most discerning of medicine cabinets, our CBD hemp oil tinctures are created specifically to fit your active lifestyle by being available when you need them, wherever that may be.


Several of our brands, including RSHO™ and Dixie Botanicals®, carry CBD hemp oil in capsule form. Like all our products, these capsules are made with our pure extracted CBD hemp oil. However, with these products, there is no second guessing the measurement of your servings, just swish down a capsule whenever 25 mg of CBD is desired.

Our CBD hemp oil capsules can be dropped into a baggie or pill carrier and efficiently consumed with the rest of your daily pills. Shelf stable, these convenient to take capsules are ready when you need them, so throw a bottle in your bag and keep your CBD products nearby everywhere you go.

Regardless of which HempMeds® product you choose, you will find the quality and reliability that you can trust. All of our hemp is grown free of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides, and our CBD hemp oil products are Triple Lab Tested™ to ensure their safety for you and your family.

To get started with CBD hemp oil products, visit our shop or read more about which CBD product is right for you on the HempMeds Blog.


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