CBD Products for the Holidays

Stock the Best CBD Products for the Holidays

From CBD immune system support to a CBD-infused salve to combat cold weather’s attack on the skin, we present some of the best CBD products for the holidays to offer to your customers this year.

With the holiday season comes the opportunity for families and special friends to join together and celebrate. Still, it’s easy to get carried away with the inevitable and unavoidable busyness associated with the time of year.

More people than ever will want to give CBD oil products as gifts this year. Plus, for your customers, there’s no better time of year to start or renew a daily CBD routine. Self-care during the holidays is key, and CBD (cannabidiol) naturally encourages balance and wellness. Make sure your customers feel their best and enjoy all their holiday festivities with the help of hemp CBD.

Here are some of our CBD product favorites to offer your customers for the holiday season:

RSHO-X™ CBD Liquid


Help your customers add a whole new layer to the CBD experience with Real Scientific Hemp Oil-X™ (RSHO-X™), a first-of-its-kind hemp oil liquid with no measurable amounts of THC. Made by infusing CBD isolate into nutritious MCT oil, RSHO-X™ comes in a convenient liquid form and is available in two sizes: A 4-ounce bottle containing up to 1000mg of CBD, and an 8-ounce bottle with 5000mg of CBD.

With RSHO-X™, it’s easy to mix a serving of CBD into a morning coffee or tea or a holiday-season mug of hot chocolate or eggnog. Your customers can also use this CBD liquid to jazz up their holiday cooking. Why not help them infuse the balancing properties of CBD into their traditional holiday meals to keep them and their families feeling balanced throughout the holidays.

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RSHO™ Blue Label CBD Capsules

CBD Capsules for Holidays

Things can get busy during the holiday season, but RSHO™ CBD Capsules are so convenient your customers are sure to still get in their daily CBD. These hemp oil capsules boast 25mg of CBD each, plus 200mg of calcium, and 200mg of our proprietary blend of powdered turmeric root and white willow bark.

Let your customers know they can forget all the hub-bub of measuring out CBD oil serving sizes. With RSHO CBD Capsules, all they’ll need is a couple of seconds and a swig of water to get their daily CBD. Perfect for the CBD devotee on the holiday season go.

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HempMeds Immune Support CBD Capsules

Immune System CBD Capsules

There is no better way to show love to a friend, family member, or even yourself than a jar of CBD-infused capsules designed to promote immune system health. HempMeds Immune Support CBD Capsules do double-duty during the holiday season: providing the body with the balancing benefits of CBD (15mg per capsule) while offering the immune-supporting properties of turmeric root and black pepper.

These all-natural vegan CBD oil capsules will help keep your customers feel their best through the busy schedules and stresses of shopping, cooking, and chatting with loved ones over the holidays.

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HempMeds Soothing Body Balm

CBD Balm for Winter

For many, topical CBD is their favorite way to incorporate the nourishing cannabinoid into their day. Our skin can get irritated from cold weather during the holiday season, and this premium soothing CBD-infused moisturizer that brings much-needed restoration to troubled skin areas. It’s also perfect for massaging into tired muscles and joints after a long day of putting up decorations or hauling around holiday gifts.

HempMeds Soothing Body Balm provides a healthy serving of beeswax and almond oil, plus 50mg of CBD per 1.3-ounce jar. Your customers can keep it by their bed for regular nighttime use, or toss it in a bag for in-the-moment moisture while they’re out and about.

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Peppermint Dixie Botanicals® Dew Drop CBD Oil Tinctures

Peppermint CBD Tincture for Holidays

Get into the true holiday spirit with peppermint-flavored CBD oil tinctures from Dixie Botanicals®, one of our most sought-after products. Peppermint is more popular around the holidays than other times of the year, and now your customers can enjoy the iconic treat with an all-natural balancing boost.

Dixie Botanicals® Dew Drop Peppermint CBD Oil Tinctures combines our CBD oil with sunflower lecithin for a vegan and soy-free CBD product. These popular low dose tinctures come in two sizes: a 1-ounce bottle with 100mg of CBD and a 2-ounce bottle containing 500mg of CBD. Let your customers start or finish their busy days with a flavorful blast of peppermint.

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Hemp for Pets Pure Hemp Oil

Holiday CBD for Pets

Don’t forget, your customers will be shopping for pets during the holidays too! Furry friends and family members should be able to experience the natural benefits of hemp oil containing CBD too. If your customers are like most pet parents, they intend to include their animal companions in the festivities. This CBD infused liquid that takes but a second to add to their tongue or blend into their foods or favorite treats, and helps keep pets happy and healthy during the busy season.

Hemp for Pets Pure Hemp Oil Extract is made by blending CBD isolate into nutritious MCT oil, and contains no measurable amounts of THC. Perfect for smaller pets, our 1-ounce jar contains 500mg of CBD, while larger pets or those with more pressing needs may benefit more from the 4-ounce jar with 1000mg of CBD. Help keep your customers’ dogs and cats balanced so they can enjoy the holidays.

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Find the Best CBD Products for the Holidays

Regardless of which CBD products you choose for the holiday season, you can trust in the quality of HempMeds® CBD oil products. Sourced from a cooperative of family farms in the Netherlands, our hemp oil is Triple Lab Tested® to ensure its quality before being shipped to your door.

Ready to help your customers take on the season with the help of the best CBD products for the holidays? Visit the HempMeds online shop to browse our complete line of CBD products, including pure CBD oil, CBD tinctures and liquids, CBD capsules, CBD edibles, CBD vape oil, CBD bath and body care products, and hemp oil products for pets.

Contact your HempMeds® representative to place an order of wholesale CBD products for the holidays!

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