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Should You Be Taking RSHO-K™ Humulus Oil?

HempMeds® recently launched our first-of-its-kind hops-derived RSHO-K™. This unique CBD product is the first non-cannabis source of CBD available in the HempMeds® store.

With such an exciting new product in the HempMeds® lineup, many of our customers are asking the same question. How does Premium Humulus Oil fit among HempMeds®’ traditional CBD hemp oil products? Here we compare RSHO-K™ to our other products and discuss the ideal consumers for this innovative product.

What is Real Scientific Humulus Oil?

RSHO-K™ is formulated with an extract of the Kriya brand Humulus plant, a unique variety of hops discovered in India. It naturally contains high levels of CBD, as well as the terpenes beta-caryophyllene and humulene. The plant was selectively bred to further increase its CBD levels, creating a patented extract called ImmunAg™, the main ingredient in RSHO-K™.

The Humulus plant’s oil, containing its active compounds, is flash distilled from the plant’s flowers to capture its beneficial effects. This Kriya brand Humulus extract is then mixed with medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil to create a shelf-stable, easy to pour and measure CBD liquid. Each 4 oz. bottle of RSHO-K™ liquid contains a total of 1000 mg of CBD, about a month’s supply.

Which Products Are Similar to RSHO-K™?

While RSHO-K™ is a truly unique product, it helps to compare it to products that share some similar characteristics to better understand how it fits among the HempMeds®’ other products.  

Because it is tested to show no detected levels of THC, it is similar to RSHO-X™ Liquid. However, RSHO-K™ also contains levels of other active compounds, like the terpene Humulene, making it a full-spectrum product. RSHO-K™ contains 1000 mg, keeping it in line with similar CBD liquids in the RSHO™ line.

Who Can Benefit from Non-Cannabis CBD?

Because RSHO-K™ is derived from Kriya brand Humulus, a plant similar to hops, it avoids the controversy inherently connected to CBD products from cannabis, even non-intoxicating hemp.

That means that RSHO-K™ opens up a new market of consumers who were previously unwilling to try CBD due to its connection to hemp and cannabis. Since it isn’t derived from hemp, RSHO-K™ also removes concerns over exposure to THC, another sticky spot among some consumers.

Tested to show no detected levels of THC, products like our RSHO-K™ are also perfect for HempMeds® customers who would like to avoid THC in their CBD supplement.


One of the prime concerns people may have about taking a CBD supplement is fear over exposure to THC. Whether they are drug tested by their employer, by the military or VA, or as a competitive athlete, some people want to be sure that they don’t absorb any THC. Others may be interested in giving CBD to their children or elderly parents but want to avoid giving them a product containing even trace amounts of THC.

Regardless of why you might choose a THC-free CBD oil product, you can be confident that RSHO-K™ won’t contain THC. That is because, unlike cannabis plants like hemp and marijuana, hops plants like Kriya brand Humulus don’t contain even trace levels of THC.

Advantages of RSHO-K™

  • RSHO-K™ isn’t sourced from cannabis, ideal for those looking to avoid CBD products created with cannabis plants.
  • RSHO-K™ is THC-free, so everyone can use it confidently.
  • RSHO-K™ isn’t restricted the same way as cannabis-derived CBD products, nor does it carry the same controversy still tied to cannabis use.

How to Use RSHO-K™

RSHO-K™ is a versatile CBD Liquid. Try one of these suggestions for taking this daily CBD supplement.

  • RSHO-K™ can be taken from a spoon and swished in the mouth for up to a minute for fast, efficient sublingual absorption.
  • Blend RSHO-K™ CBD Liquid into your favorite juices and smoothies.
  • RSHO-K™ can be added to most foods after they are cooked.

Shop for RSHO-K™ Now

Visit the HempMeds® online store to purchase non-cannabis RSHO-K™ or check out our Complete Guide to RSHO-K™ to learn more.

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