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Save Time and Money with the New HempMeds® Premier Membership

Time and money… we never seem to have enough of either. This modern world pulls us in a myriad of directions, making it hard to take a moment to do something healthy for ourselves. It is with this in mind that HempMeds® happily introduces our Premier Membership, a discounted monthly delivery of your CBD hemp oil products, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to reorder each month.

With your Premier Membership, you choose which products you wish to have delivered each month, and we will ship them to you at a 20% discount, helping you keep your CBD supplement routine on track month after month and saving you money. We will even cover the shipping costs. There is no commitment, and you can cancel anytime.

HempMeds® Premier Members also enjoy bonus offers on our customers’ favorite products. These offers are reserved only for members, saving you money and giving you the chance to try our many different products.

There is no fee to start a Premier Membership, and it is easy to enroll. You can either fill out our online form and have one of our HempMeds® specialists call you back to begin your first order or call 866-273-8502 to get started. If you already have a sales representative with us, you can also contact them directly to get started with your Premier Membership.

Signing up for a Premier Membership makes it easier than ever to ensure you always have your daily CBD supplement on hand and saves you money with discounts, bonus offers, and free shipping. Don’t wait; contact us today to get started.

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