Save Big on RSHO™ Special Blend This 4/20

Today is 4/20. The unofficial holiday for the cannabis community. It is a time to joyfully celebrate what this plant has to offer. Together, hemp and marijuana have the potential to provide the world with so much, including a sustainable source of fiber, building materials, biofuel, bioplastics, and of course, cannabinoids.

To celebrate 4/20 this year, we are running a one day sale on our 10-gram tubes of RSHO™ Special Blend. For a limited time, you can buy our most potent CBD supplement for the low price of $279.00.

RSHO™ Special Blend combines two high concentration decarboxylated oils into a single product, allowing the user to receive high levels of CBD in a single supplement. Our Special Blend packs 190 mg of CBD into every serving, making it far and above the highest potency product we have in our store at 3800 mg of CBD per 10 g tube.

There is no better product in the HempMeds® store for customers looking to maximize their CBD intake than our new Special Blend, and there is no better time to try it than now.

Find our RSHO™ Special Blend and other CBD hemp oil products in our 
online shop, or learn more about HempMeds® and the RSHO™ brand on our education page.


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