RSHO-X CBD Oil Clinical Study

RSHO-X™ CBD Oil Shows Promise in New Clinical Study

Researchers find the hemp CBD oil product, RSHO-X™, to be promising after using it in a recent clinical study.

One of HempMeds®’ most popular hemp-derived CBD oil products was found to have a promising impact when examined in a recent clinical study. Real Scientific Hemp Oil-X™ (RSHO-X™), the first-of-its-kind CBD oil with no detectable THC, was used in a new clinical study conducted in Mexico.

The purpose of the study was to describe the experience of a private, neuro-pediatric clinic that used RSHO-X™, a cannabidiol (CBD) product made with CBD isolate that contains no measurable amounts of THC, with children and teenagers in Mexico. According to the study’s results, the treatment “yielded a positive effect.”

“For many children, there are countless pharmaceutical drugs that either don’t work for them or produce a variety of harmful side effects,” said Dr. Carlos G. Aguirre-Velázquez, a globally recognized pediatric neurologist and lead researcher on the study. “We are optimistic that this study will be one of many that showcases the potential for hemp CBD oil to be safe and useful.”

The findings have been published in the EC Neurology (ECNE), an internationally peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles related to worldwide research in neuroscience.

In 2019, Medical Marijuana, Inc. completed a one-year stability study in compliance with FDA/ICH guidelines on RSHO®-X and found that the product showed no change (less than 5%) in the CBD content, viscosity, package compatibility and complete microbial characteristics.

In 2019, HempMeds® completed a one-year stability study on RSHO-X™ that was conducted in strict compliance with FDA/ICH guidelines (Q1A-R2) and found that the product showed no change (less than 5%) in the CBD content and other specifications.

“We are encouraged by the study’s results and look forward to understanding more about CBD’s potential effects as we continue to conduct research on this topic,” said Dr. Stuart Titus, CEO of HempMeds®’ parent company Medical Marijuana, Inc. “There are many people who are already using our products to experience a variety of health and wellness benefits. We believe that with the added assurance of these results, there will be many other people who may take interest in our products.”

What is RSHO-X™?

RSHO-X™ is the first product of its kind, which allows CBD consumers to avoid even trace levels of THC that can be found in other full-spectrum hemp CBD oil products. Because of its unique qualities, RSHO-X™ has become the CBD product of choice for emergency responders seeking to avoid all detectable amounts of THC, as well as top-performing athletes facing restrictive policies from their sports’ governing bodies.

With no traceable amounts of THC, RSHO-X™ is safe for people of all ages. It has become the preferred CBD oil choice for many parents interested in supporting their children’s diet with CBD, without exposure to even trace levels of THC.

The RSHO-X™ hemp oil CBD isolate liquid features a botanical dynamic duo of cannabidiol (CBD) isolate, which is a 99% pure CBD powder sourced from natural hemp oil, and medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. Derived from wholesome coconut oil, the MCT oil found within RSHO-X™ liquid has proven to be an excellent source of healthy fatty acids, while the CBD found in RSHO-X™ helps encourage overall balance in the body’s health by supporting the endocannabinoid system.

RSHO-X™ is one of the most popular products with the Real Scientific Hemp Oil® (RSHO®) line. RSHO® products contain hemp CBD derived from non-GMO hemp plants grown on a five generations-old Netherlands hemp farm. All RSHO® products, including RSHO-X™, are examined for safety and cannabinoid content three separate times throughout manufacturing as part of HempMeds®’ Triple Lab Tested® process.

Learn More About CBD and RSHO-X™

You can learn more about the world’s leading CBD oil brand products and the powerful natural benefits of hemp CBD by visiting the HempMeds® blog.

Shop our selection of CBD products through our online CBD shop, where you can find RSHO-X™ in a 4-Ounce Bottle containing 1000 mg CBD, and an 8-Ounce Bottle with 5000 mg of CBD.

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