CBD from hops

Reasons to Choose a Non-Cannabis CBD Product

HempMeds® has introduced a new type of CBD product to our store that isn’t made using cannabis plants. Instead, it uses a non-cannabis source. Created using a specific type of hops plant, RSHO-K™ is set to revolutionize the way people think about CBD as a commercial product. Here are just some of the amazing benefits of choosing a non-cannabis CBD supplement like RSHO-K™.


One of the prime concerns people may have about taking a CBD supplement is fear over exposure to THC. Whether they are drug tested by their employer, by the military or VA, or as a competitive athlete, some people want to be sure that they don’t absorb any THC. Others may be interested in giving CBD to their children or elderly parents but want to avoid giving them a product containing even trace amounts of THC.

Regardless of why you might choose a THC-free CBD oil product, you can be confident that RSHO-K™ won’t contain THC. That is because, unlike cannabis plants like hemp and marijuana, hops plants like Kriya brand Humulus don’t contain even trace levels of THC.


Even though it is non-psychoactive and cannot be abused in the same way that THC can, CBD remains linked to its more illicit cannabinoid family member through the fact that they can be sourced from similar plants.

We have discussed in the past how CBD oil can be sourced from hemp plants that contain only trace levels of THC. These plants differ in cannabinoid content from the high-THC marijuana plants popular for their recreational effects. However, in the mind of many, including some governments, hemp and marijuana (both forms of cannabis) are too closely related.

RSHO-K™ avoids this controversy completely by sourcing its CBD from a form of hops – the Kriya brand Humulus plant. This makes RSHO-K™ the best choice for anyone looking to avoid cannabis as a source of their CBD, regardless of their reason. Now you can enjoy your CBD supplement without exposure to cannabis and the controversy that can sometimes surround it.

Because hops-based CBD isn’t sourced from cannabis plants, it isn’t regulated by local and national governments the same way as CBD from cannabis. This opens the door for those who previously didn’t have access to now take advantage of the benefits of CBD.

FDA Approved Food Ingredient

Not only is hops a more conventional consumer product than cannabis, it is an FDA recognized food ingredient and is FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) approved. In fact, hops and hops extracts are already widely used in the food and beverage industry. Because hops is a common food ingredient recognized by regulating bodies, you can feel confident in taking it every day or giving it those you love.

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You can find more about non-cannabis CBD products like RSHO-K™ and other popular HempMeds® products on our blog or shop our online store now to get started with a THC-free CBD supplement or other great HempMeds® products.

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