Real Scientific Humulus Oil™

CBD Without the Controversy

  • First ever CBD supplement created from a non-cannabis source;
  • GRAS (Generally regarded as safe) by the FDA and FSSAI (Food Safety
    and Standards Authority of India) approved;
  • Initial studies suggest increased bioactivity

About Real Scientific Humulus Oil™

A New CBD Source

RSHO-K™ is formulated with ImmunAg™, a patent pending Kriya brand Humulus extract. Less than a decade ago, a team of doctors and scientists discovered an alternative source of CBD in the jungles of India. Then, they selectively bred the plants to create a potent CBD oil extract.

Controversy Free CBD

Because RSHO-K™ is made with a non-cannabis source of CBD, the challenges that come with cannabis do not apply. The main ingredient in RSHO-K™, ImmunAg™, is considered GRAS – generally regarded as safe – by the FDA and is FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) approved.

Currently, Kriya brand Humulus is the only non-cannabis source of CBD available for purchase.

Amazingly Effective

CBD interacts with special receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system known as the CB2 receptor, found throughout the gastrointestinal system and peripheral nervous system. Initial studies suggest RSHO-K™ may have increased bioactivity. Bioactivity is the magnitude of effects provided by CBD on the CB2 receptor.

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