RaulWHO Part 1

RaulWHO Part 1: Who is Raul Elizalde?


Who is Raul Elizalde?

Raul is a husband and a father.

He’s an advocate, a voice, and a pioneer.

As the Founder of the Por Grace Foundation and President of HempMeds® Mexico, Raul Elizalde is passionate about access to medicinal cannabis in his home country and nurturing the world’s trust in CBD oil. Which is fitting, because the world stage is where he’ll soon appear!

Raul will be joining the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) Committee in Geneva, Switzerland. The Thirty-Ninth meeting of the Expert Committee on Drug Dependence (ECDD) is this November 6-10, 2017.

A number of controlled substances, including cannabidiol, will be discussed. Raul will bring his experience, knowledge, and passion with him as he speaks on behalf of the therapeutic and medicinal value of CBD oil as a non-psychoactive supplement.

Raul will speak on November 6th from 9:00 – 11:00 am. Click here to follow his journey and keep up to date with all the details about this historic event as they emerge.

Rauls Road

Raul’s Road

At a very young age, Grace Elizade was diagnosed with ­Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy. She suffered from constant seizures and convulsions, so strong in fact, she had to be strapped to a chair while she went through them.

Her parents, Raul Elizade and Mayela Benavides, did everything they could to help their poor daughter. However, every treatment and every drug seemed to be a dead end – or worse, leave Grace with serious side effects! Raul and Mayela took Grace to over a dozen neurologists, plus orthopedists and gastroenterologists, optometrists and geneticists. They even experimented with homeopathic drops, acupuncture, and eastern medicine herbal infusions, yet nothing helped.

They knew what they had to do next – explore natural solutions and remedies.

Por Grace

Por Grace

Raul Elizalde felt strongly that his daughter deserved access to this new option for improvement, and to do it legally. (Even though was willing to drive to Colorado and bring back as much CBD oil as he could!) Raul championed his daughter’s cause by forming the non profit organization in Grace’s name and in doing so, started a medical cannabis revolution in Mexico! Raul’s Por Grace Foundation worked to expand access to CBD through advocating for patients, hosting public forums, and meeting with government officials.

Raul and his family were the first in Mexico to sue the federal government and win the right to import CBD hemp oil to treat their daughter. This historic decision by the Mexican government’s supreme court system, especially given the country’s very conservative attitude towards marijuana, was monumental in bringing change to Mexico.

The nation’s government then got to work crafting its new position on medical cannabis. First Mexico’s Senate voted to approve the new law. Then the bill went to the Chamber of Deputies, where it passed by an overwhelming 374-7 vote. Finally, the new policy was signed into law by President Peña Nieto on June 19, 2017.

Along the way, Elizalde became well versed in the politics and restrictions on medical cannabis use in Mexico, personally navigating the system to win the right to access CBD oil products for his daughter. Since then, he has worked alongside families facing similar circumstances seeking the benefits of CBD. During his path, he joined forces with HempMeds to provide patients in Mexico with the highest-quality, safest CBD oil products and support available.

HempMeds® Por Grace

Raul and HempMeds both share a commitment to ensuring patients in Mexico are able to access the CBD oil on which they depend. As HempMeds worked with Raul and Por Grace, it became evident that a strong partnership had developed.

It came as no surprise when HempMeds® appointed Raul Elizalde to lead its operations in Mexico as President and General Manager. HempMeds® Mexico’s office will serve as its hub for the sales, marketing, and distribution of its CBD products to wholesale distributors and patients in Mexico.

HempMeds®  looks forward to our continued partnership with the Elizalde family and patients in need like Grace. Through our program of doctor outreach, patient advocacy, and public education, HempMeds®  is expanding access to CBD for patients across Mexico. Our mission is to assist everyone who has the need for CBD hemp oil products in getting their needs met as quickly, easily, and economically as possible.

Raul’s Words

As Raul gets prepared to speak to the World Health Organization in Switzerland, we think it’s only fitting to end with Raul’s words.

Speaking before the President of Mexico, and parade of important Mexican government officials, Raul delivered a speech that perfectly summarized he and Grace’s long road to CBD access for all. Here are just a few lines from that speech that perfectly sum up Raul’s mission and journey.

“This remedy has changed our lives, it has changed our lives as parents and logically, my daughter.

We are finally talking about prevention and regulation, instead of talking about prohibition, we are talking about research… instead of avoiding or turning our backs on people who are suffering.”

-Raul Elizalde, That’s Who

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