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HempMeds® 8oz Nourishing Hemp Conditioner (15mg CBD)


If you’re looking for an awesome conditioner that is perfect for both moisturizing and detangling, we have the perfect solution. The new Nourishing Hemp Conditioner from our HempMeds® Personal Care Line is rich and luxurious and will leave your hair and scalp feeling restored. Comprised of several high-quality organic ingredients like Argan Oil and Green Tea, our hemp hair conditioner will help to replenish moisture, strengthen hair, and nourish your scalp. Natural and organic, our conditioner is color-safe and ideal for all hair types.

Experience the Nourishing Benefits of Hemp Conditioner


New from the HempMeds® Personal Care Line comes the best in organic hemp hair care. Our Nourishing Hemp Conditioner leaves your hair and scalp feeling restored, nourished, and hydrated. Infused with organic herbal ingredients, this product includes pure CBD oil and natural extracts like Argan Oil and Green Tea. Our hemp hydrating conditioner is color-safe, gentle for daily use, and perfect for all hair types.


Why purchase your hemp hair conditioner from HempMeds®?


Our pure CBD oil is pristinely extracted from generations-old hemp farms located in The Netherlands, and our products are unparalleled in quality and purity.
This nourishing all-natural conditioner is packed with nutrient-rich botanicals and CBD to deeply nourish and soften hair, which restores deep hydration. This nutrient-rich formula works to:


  • Repair and protect hair from the daily damage of heat styling, chemical processing, and color treatments
  • Hydrate dry hair and scalp
  • Leave hair shiny and smooth


Ingredients in Our Hemp Hydrating Conditioner


Our hemp conditioner contains high-quality organic ingredients that provide several benefits to your hair and scalp:


  • Shea Butter: A great source of fatty acids helps replenish, restore and nourish your scalp.
  • Argan Oil: Rich in essential fatty acids, argan oil is hailed for its moisturizing, anti-aging and antioxidant properties.
  • Green Tea: A powerful anti-inflammatory botanical that helps fight free radicals.


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