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Unlock Adventure with the Endless Summer Travel kit!


Buy 3 CBD-Infused SPF50 Sunscreen

and we will include FREE OF CHARGE:


HempMeds® 8oz Hydrating & Purifying Hemp Shampoo (20mg CBD)


HempMeds® 8oz Nourishing Hemp Conditioner (15mg CBD)


HempMeds® 8oz Revitalizing Hemp Body Wash (20mg CBD)

Dixie Botanicals CBD Sunscreen

3 x Dixie Botanicals® + Surface® CBD-Infused SPF50 Sunscreen

Protect your skin from the sun’s rays while enjoying the powerful skin-nourishing benefits of CBD. Being outside can do a number on your skin, but Dixie Botanicals® + Surface® CBD-Infused SPF50 Sheer Touch Sunscreen combines the sun-shielding capabilities of a premium sunscreen lotion with the rejuvenating effects of CBD. Made with the finest ingredients, this water-resistant sunscreen formula with CBD offers broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection while feeling light and fresh on the skin. It features a deliciously fresh Tropix fragrance made of coconut, mango, and guava.  

  • Premium CBD-Infused SPF50 Sunscreen, 4-Ounce
  • 100mg of CBD, Made with All-Natural CBD Isolate
  • Water Resistant (80 Minutes), Vegan
  • UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum Sun Protection
  • Nourishes, Balances and Protects Skin

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HempMeds Purifying Hemp Shampoo Bottle (8 fl oz) Front Angle

1 x HempMeds® 8oz Hydrating & Purifying Hemp Shampoo (20mg CBD)

Our purifying hemp shampoo provides a gentle cleansing experience, leaving you with hydrated and healthy hair. Using our unique synergistic blend of organic herbal ingredients, our hemp shampoo is color-safe, gentle for daily use, and perfect for all hair types. By combining our pure CBD with natural extracts like Argan oil and Goji Berry, our CBD hemp shampoo will leave your hair and scalp feeling restored, nourished, and balanced.

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HempMeds Hemp Conditioner Bottle (8oz)

1 x HempMeds® 8oz Nourishing Hemp Conditioner (15mg CBD)

If you’re looking for an awesome conditioner that is perfect for both moisturizing and detangling, we have the perfect solution. The new Nourishing Hemp Conditioner from our HempMeds® Personal Care Line is rich and luxurious and will leave your hair and scalp feeling restored. Comprised of several high-quality organic ingredients like Argan Oil and Green Tea, our hemp hair conditioner will help to replenish moisture, strengthen hair, and nourish your scalp. Natural and organic, our conditioner is color-safe and ideal for all hair types.

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HempMeds Revitalizing Hemp Body Wash with CBD

1 x HempMeds® 8oz Revitalizing Hemp Body Wash (20mg CBD)

Our CBD-infused revitalizing body wash cleans your skin while enriching it with the healing power of CBD. This sulfate-free cleanser includes Omega 3,6,& 9 acids that can replenish and nourish damaged skin or hair. Peppermint provides a soothing aroma while licorice root fights germs using its natural antibacterial properties. 

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We’ve partnered with Surface Suncare to bring you an Eco-Friendly/CBD infused SPF 50 sunblock that is free of oxybenzone and octinoxate, of course water-resistant as well!


It’s no surprise this first of its kind CBD infused sunscreen was recognized by Muscle & Fitness as one of its top 7 performers to protect and enrich your skin from the daily elements. Check out the full article.

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