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It doesn’t get much easier to get your daily CBD than with our RSHO® hemp oil liquid. Made with full-spectrum hemp oil, RSHO® Liquid features 1000 mg of CBD mixed with medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil for a powerhouse combination of botanical ingredients, giving it a light coconut oil flavor with a hint of earthy hemp. Our hemp oil is abundant in CBD, as well as vitamins, minerals, terpenes, and other trace cannabinoids, and the MCT oil, derived from wholesome organic coconut oil and sustainably sourced palm oil, is an excellent source of healthy fatty acids. Our Blue Label Liquid is decarboxylated to activate the hemp plant’s CBD for a wholesome, convenient way to get your daily CBD.

Full spectrum



Total CBD1000


All-natural Real Scientific Hemp Oil® Liquids are a great, convenient way to get your daily CBD. Each 4-ounce bottle of RSHO® Liquid contains 1000mg of CBD combined with MCT oil. Like RSHO® CBD hemp oil, Real Scientific Hemp Oil® Liquids are available in Blue Label (with decarboxylated CBD hemp oil), Gold Label (decarboxylated and filtered CBD hemp oil), and Green Label varieties (raw CBD hemp oil). The MCT, or medium-chain triglyceride, oil in RSHO® Liquid is derived from coconut oil. The MCT oil itself is MCT 60/40 [60% Caprylic Acid (C8) and 40% Capric Acid (C10)]. MCT oil is an excellent source of healthy fatty acids.

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4.5 in


  1. Rafael P. Silvas (verified owner)

    Has made my life easier to handle my body aches.

  2. Jose L Ruiz (verified owner)

    Definitely a good product, I really recommend it .

  3. John Daniely (verified owner)

    High quality CBD dietary supplement. Fresh clean taste.

  4. Grant Miller (verified owner)

    I have used for 6 months now and I definitely feel better.

  5. Mark Pasco (verified owner)

    Delivery was fast & accurate

  6. Gary Cserpnyak (verified owner)

    71 year old starting to feel really good after 5 days

  7. Barbara Anderson (verified owner)

    Thank you for this product!

  8. Ivy Perez (verified owner)

    I love all your oils, but the blue label is my favorite because of its flavor and general well being.

  9. Samuel Moreno (verified owner)

    I purchase two bottles a month its done so much for me.Believe me it will do just what there add says it dose

  10. Janet Blackmon (verified owner)

    Prompt delivery and reliable product, what could be better!

  11. Casey Frankfort (verified owner)

    All the hemp and CBD you could want.

  12. Jerry C Davis (verified owner)

    Works better than the average cbd oil that I have tried but lacks in taste

  13. Christopher James Wyant (verified owner)

    If you try it you’ll love it.

  14. Susan Wistuk (verified owner)

    I have found the quality of this product to be superior and I hope that doesn’t change. CBD Hemp oil has provided relief to several issues I suffer with. I am I have recommended this product to family & friends. Thank you MMI.

  15. Joseph T (verified owner)

    Ok thought the orange isolate was better/ not sure if that’s a fair comparison

  16. Connie L Larsen (verified owner)

    I love this stuff

  17. Alice E Clark (verified owner)

    My late husband swore by this stuff. I ordered it for a friend she is also pleased with it.

  18. Scott B (verified owner)

    Exactly what I ordered, fast shipping, helps with a multitude of issues. Great Price! Thank you!

  19. Charity Hauck (verified owner)

    Great product love that it comes in a 4oz bottle

  20. James Tedder (verified owner)

    Have used other brands and found MM brand is a better deal and better quality especially when they have discounts

  21. john b kincart (verified owner)


  22. Brandon W. (verified owner)

    Just got my first bottle and so far so good. I feel much more relaxed.

  23. Vincent J Green (verified owner)

    I’m on my third order. Top quality product and a genuine earthy and savory taste that I have found I really love.

  24. David Rash (verified owner)

    it help me a lot

  25. Mary E Barrera (verified owner)

    I love this dosage and the medicine really helps me!!
    Not to mention it gets to my home pretty quick when I reorder.

  26. Carl Root (verified owner)

    Great Product

  27. Candice L Matthew (verified owner)

    Next time I’ll get the gold label, the blue is quit strong tasting.

  28. Woodrow D. LUTZ (verified owner)

    Taste is terrible

  29. Ann (verified owner)

    I have only taken it twice because the taste is simply gross…can hardly down it…is there any other way to take it without the horrible taste…the ones that are saying it taste good must not have taste buds…the only reason I have given it a two is because of the taste.

  30. Frank Farrugia (verified owner)

    Just started 1 week ago seems like it’s helping

  31. Anita Galindo (verified owner)

    I put 1/4 tsp in my coffee every morning. :heart:️:+1::skin-tone-3:

  32. Judy O (verified owner)

    Product seems to work for hubby. He takes it every other day

  33. Manoochehr Ashrafi (verified owner)

    I will do all my purchases from here.

  34. Jean Drodge (verified owner)

    Really worked and very easy to take

  35. Janet Hartogensis (verified owner)

    I have been paying $79 for 1 oz 350mg and I bought 2oz 1000mg for $99 on sale free ship. Awsome

  36. James Bills (verified owner)

    Like the product. Seemed to help with headaches I was having. Would be 5 stars If the bottle was more user friendly. Hard to dispense.

  37. Liz Sands (verified owner)

    I recently re-ordered hemp oil for myself and got a small bottle for a friend. We are both extremely impressed with the quality of your products. I have purchased CBD from 2 other online companies plus our local health food store and natural foods store and yours is definitely the best for me. Results are rapid and consistent. Thank you!

  38. Terry L Cunningham (verified owner)

    Great customer service and very smooth e-store process.will purchase again

  39. Ting Lin (verified owner)

    Feel good

  40. Cindy Orr (verified owner)

    Customer service is excellent. Very professional and knowledgeable. Performance of product for which it is intended has far exceeded my expectation. ..thank you

  41. David R (verified owner)

    Great CBD for your health. The taste is not bad at all.

  42. Gail Chetelat (verified owner)

    4th Day, sorry to say I have noticed no effects. I had hoped it would help with my COPD constant cough. Will keep trying, maybe not enough time…

  43. Rick Nunez (verified owner)

    We Just love all the products and use them daily :smiley: after 26 years of Firefighting the body took a toll but with these products from skin care to body health I will enjoy my retirement to its fullest thank you :pray::type_5: We highly recommend all MJNA products to all our friends and loved ones :kissing_heart:

  44. James J Bailey (verified owner)

    Too short time to review

  45. William Warnken (verified owner)


  46. Lee Alan Fisher (verified owner)

    I am happy to have found your company and products. I find them to be priced well and the quality of the oil is of the best. Quick shipping too!

  47. Marie Baran (verified owner)

    Still too soon to tell happy with the quality of the product

  48. Mary Visone (verified owner)

    Love it works great!!!

  49. Jacob Kappler (verified owner)

    have been taking for 2 weeks. take a small dose under the Tongue at bedtime

    been taking small dose under the tongue at bedtime for 2 weeks and i sleep
    better. i like it very much.

  50. Harry N Cruz Jr (verified owner)


  51. Patrick Rickey (verified owner)

    I am satisfied, I wish to purchase more, however I am waiting for a sale. Oh, and the staff are very helpful.

  52. Melvin H (verified owner)

    A quality Hemp Oil.

  53. RICHARD ZELLER (verified owner)

    Great product definitely see improvement in myself

  54. Ron D. Gibbs (verified owner)

    Your CBD oils have improved my quality of life, what a pity I can’t mention how.

  55. Don Fisher (verified owner)

    This product exceeds performance above the other CBD I have tried

  56. James Sampang (verified owner)

    Great product will recommend to family n friends helps me thru the day without feeling stress n more focus more energy.

  57. Trish Hoopaugh (verified owner)


  58. James Tedder (verified owner)

    Tried other brands they all keep get more expensive for one ounce. This four ounce is by far the best deal and if works! Just find your limit…

  59. Tom A (verified owner)

    Order received on time and good quality product…

  60. Ariel Guerra (verified owner)

    So satisfied with the results. Just amazing!

  61. Ric Pelkey (verified owner)

    Thank you for making this product, I am a researcher and have spent countless hours researching CBD oils. Your products are by far the best on the market! No other companies have an ISO certified manufacturing facility nor have they spent the time and money you have to offer the finest products. Thank you for being the real deal.

  62. Cindy L Mathwig (verified owner)

    Taste great and I like adding it to my life and lifestyle. A healthy choice.

  63. William J Rozek (verified owner)

    Great product!! Highly Recommend it!!!

  64. Anibal Gonzales (verified owner)

    For me (personally) better off with the tablets

  65. Patricia White (verified owner)

    Arrived as promised and product seems to be every bit as good as advertised. Purchased for my spouse and he has been taking it only for a couple of days, but so far is very happy with the quality.

  66. James K Hall (verified owner)

    The RSHO arrived in good time. The taste is fine. I find it to be a good product.

  67. Ewa J Gorzowski (verified owner)

    Very good !

  68. Gloria Rolon (verified owner)

    Seems to be working pretty good for me

  69. Mike (verified owner)

    I think that they should put a mint flavoring in it !

  70. Craig Young (verified owner)

    Great results!

  71. Tess C Cramer (verified owner)

    Easy order, on time shipment, pleasant taste, easy to take. I needed a product that contained a lot more CBD mg per dose than another product I’d first purchased from another company. M.M.Inc. has been the best I’ve found, for the price and mg per dose.

  72. Piotr Mirosław Szufladowicz (verified owner)


  73. Michelle Rosales (verified owner)

    I’ve only been taking it for a few days; therefore, it is too soon to give a fair review, but so far so good. Your staff, (Alex who helped me with my order) was AMAZING!

  74. Elizabeth M. Femenias (verified owner)

    A slick, pleasant tasting oil which is especially convenient to use as one may easily vary the dosage .

  75. Vernalyn Schofield (verified owner)

    I expected a stronger taste but this wasn’t bad at all.

  76. Deborah H (verified owner)


  77. BOB Meisner (verified owner)

    I have not tried the blue label yet. Because I haven’t finished my gold label. I am sure to have a positive review after i have finished trying all of the different labels.

  78. Rachel Gaston (verified owner)

    Smooth. Great flavor. Just started using it but the benefits are obvious. I love the Blue Label, ready to try the Green Label and Gold Label next!

  79. David R (verified owner)

    Good so far, just started taking it. Will know more the longer I use it.

  80. Peter V Eghoian (verified owner)

    The CBD oil mixes very well with balsamic vinegar and spices to create a soothing dipping oil.

  81. Robert Thorney (verified owner)


  82. Charles F. Benz (verified owner)

    uh, appears a great product. too early to tell its results or efficacy. I am impressed by it manufacture out of Eastern Europe hemp farming tradition.

  83. shingo kidaka (verified owner)


  84. shingo kidaka (verified owner)

    3000 years natural medicine!

  85. Valda C Murfree (verified owner)

    Yes I think I feel the difference while taking the liquid blue label 1000 however don’t feel that I’ve been taking a longer note to really notice a difference but I will keep you posted

  86. Belinda Gilels (verified owner)

    It was inconvenient to have to pick up the order from the post office. Will future orders have to be delivered to the post office? I prefer to have them come directly to my home.

  87. Joseph Passarelli (verified owner)

    Very good oil, I will be ordering more soon.
    Thank you.

  88. George Orphanopoulos (verified owner)

    This product seems to be the most legitimate all the CBD products out there. 4 ounce blue label bottle is the best bang for the buck!

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