Let Your Outer Beauty Shine with Hemp

Hemp Oil Helps All Pets From Nose to Tail

Easing stress, promoting muscular and joint health, helping moisturize their skin and paws to encourage relaxation and calmness, CBD for pets helps their overall endocannabinoid system too!

CBD is recommended for use in dogs and cats for cardiovascular function, promoting neurological health and behavior, supporting healthy joints and hips, and healthy skin and coats.

We Treat Pets Like Family

Our goal at HempMeds for Pets is to improve the lives of pets and people naturally with a quality guarantee in every product. Our guarantee is the commitment of pristine, ethically sourced hemp CBD extract and natural ingredients, dedicated scientific expertise and innovation backed by the strictest efficacy testing, kindness to our planet and the communities we work with. Most importantly, our heartfelt desire to improve animals’ lives is in every HempMeds product.


Extreme Pet Challenges Meet Awesome Hemp Oil Applicators for Cats & Dogs

The most potent hemp oil solution to help with the most challenging of mental and physical or behavioral issues, our applicators are here to help. Physical challenges like aching joints to neurological issues across the board can be addressed through the positive benefits of pure pet hemp oil applicators.
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Delivering the Same Great Hemp Oil in Capsule Form

From Special Needs Pets to Everyday Pet Health, Hemp Oil Help Dogs & Cats

From Special Needs Pets to Everyday Pet Health Hemp Oil Tinctures Help Dogs & Cats

Pure, refined, and high-quality hemp oil in an easy to administer tear dropper is CBD at its most effective for promoting wellness in your cats and dogs. Whether easing stress or promoting their physical well-being, hemp oil tincture can make a big difference for them.
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Hemp Oil for Pets Promotes Healthy Skin & Soothes Itching & Hot Spots

Hemp Oil for Pets Promotes Healthy Skin & Soothes Itching & Hot Spots

There’s nothing worse than watching your pet tormented by itching and licking or scratching themselves raw, creating discomfort and hot spots. Discover the power of our Hemp Oil Itch & Hot Spot Balm and the soothing, natural ingredients within to ease your pet’s discomfort and promote their skin’s restoration.
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Buy Hemp Oil Itch & Hot Spot Balm

Cat CBD Chews Will Make Them Purr

Cat CBD Chews Will Make Them Purr

We appreciate cats and their complexity, from behavioral challenges that may be neurological to physical challenges linked to their age, our Soft Baked CBD Cat Chews can incentivize positive change or just be a tasty, loving reward.
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Helping Animals in Need

Working in tandem with animal shelters and rescue organizations, our goal is to ensure animals in critical need have access to our products. Whether they suffer from physical or behavioral challenges, we believe in the power of CBD for pets. From supporting pet health, finding forever homes, or giving aid, our success is measured in helping improve the lives of animals. In fact, every animal you’ll see featured in our branding is connected to our mission. Contact us today to learn more about participating in our Animals in Need Program and about our pet CBD solutions.

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