Patients Can Get Help Navigating the CBD Approval Process from the HempMeds® Mexico Staff

Did you know Real Scientific Hemp Oil-X™ is available for use by patients in Mexico?

Real Scientific Hemp Oil-X™ is the first ever legal CBD oil product in Mexico. It’s available to anyone with a prescription through our newest division, HempMeds® Mexico.

HempMeds® Mexico, the local distributor for HempMeds®, provides guidance to the health community, government authorities, and, of course, hopeful patients as they navigate the newly approved procedure to import Real Scientific Hemp Oil-X™into Mexico.

Patients in Mexico suffering from certain ailments can now access RSHO-X™, a form of CBD with no detectable THC available in Mexico, by completing the following process:

  1. Talk to your doctor to get a prescription.
  2. Get authorization from COFEPRIS to import CBD hemp oil.
  3. Order RSHO-X™ from HempMeds® Mexico.
  4. Receive shipment at your door.

If you know any residents of Mexico who are seeking CBD oil, we recommend you have them visit HempMeds® Mexico online.

Is CBD Hemp Oil Legal in Mexico?

Yes. Until recently, all forms of cannabis were banned in the country as part of the effort to eradicate the illegal drug trade, but Mexico appears to be taking on a more compassionate approach to their cannabis policy, extending the medical use of CBD to patients in the country.

This announcement came after months of dialog between the Mexican government, citizen advocates, and the country’s healthcare community. HempMeds® Mexico worked relentlessly to expand access to CBD to the people of Mexico, succeeding by introducing RSHO-X™ to the country as its first legal cannabis product. On February 8, 2016, HempMeds® Mexico revealed that it would start shipping legal CBD hemp oil to Mexico for the first time to qualified patients.

Since Mexico approved the initial import certificates for CBD, demand for RSHO-X™ in Mexico has swelled as people hear the stories of those who have used it. Most new patients in Mexico learn about CBD hemp oil for the first time through word-of-mouth, the media, on blogs, or from the Por Grace Foundation. Unfortunately, once a patient does decide to try RSHO-X™, the approval process before them can be daunting to tackle alone. That is why HempMeds® Mexico has formed a team dedicated to assisting patients in Mexico access CBD.

Talk with your Doctor:

Doctors in Mexico are able to prescribe RSHO-X™ for serious, otherwise untreatable conditions that they believe can be assisted by medical marijuana. However, like their patients, some doctors in Mexico are often uncertain as they navigate this new treatment option.

HempMeds® Mexico has worked specifically to fill this gap between federal policy and patient and doctor concerns. While some doctors have been hesitant, many others have cooperated directly with HempMeds® Mexico to educate themselves on CBD and the process for prescribing and importing RSHO-X™ into Mexico for their patients.

Patients hoping to get started with RSHO-X™ can reach out to the team at HempMeds® who can help put you in contact with a doctor in Mexico open to CBD or send your doctor more information on the benefits of CBD hemp oil.

Get Authorization from Cofepris:

Once you obtain a prescription for RSHO-X™ from your physician or medical specialist, you must then petition COFEPRIS for an import certificate before we can ship our CBD hemp oil into the country. The HempMeds® Mexico team assists patients in this stage of the process to ensure that all forms and documentation are correct, increasing the chances of approval by COFEPRIS.

Order RSHO-X™ from HempMeds®:

Once you have obtained your doctor’s prescription and secured an import certificate from COFEPRIS, you can then order RSHO-X™ directly from the HempMeds® Mexico website.

Patients in Mexico can also call the HempMeds® Mexico team at 001-883-786-2440 where a bilingual staff is waiting by to answer your questions and assist in making purchases.

Receive Shipment to Your Door:

After making your purchase, your RSHO-X™ will be shipped directly to your home provided that all applicable taxes and import fees have been included. Alternatively, patients can make their purchase here in the U.S. from a local retailer or from the HempMeds® offices and bring the RSHO-X™ with them back to Mexico.


HempMeds® Mexico supports patients as they maneuver through the process of approval for RSHO-X™ by discussing it step by step and including the necessary means for patients to move forward. The HempMeds® Mexico team also collaborates with patients to help them attain their import certificate and allows approved patients to order RSHO-X™ directly from their website. It is the goal of HempMeds® Mexico to assist all qualifying patients who are interested in accessing CBD hemp oil by aiding them at each phase in the process.

Anyone in Mexico interested in importing RSHO-X™ can contact the HempMeds® Mexico support team at 001-883-786-2440 or get started at the HempMeds® Mexico website.

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