National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day!

Happy National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day! We’re a company that loves all animals but rescue and shelter pets hold a special place in our heart. Much like the amazing benefits CBD can hold for us and our furry friends, pets also provide fantastic benefits to our health and well-being. From lowered blood pressure to higher oxytocin levels (the love hormone), pets can do wonders for us. For Shelter and Rescue pets, hemp oil can make a great addition for helping their health and well-being as they adjust to their new life with you, including:

  • Calms environmental or physical stresses
  • Helps to give a shiny coat of hair
  • Promotes overall wellbeing in your pet’s organs and immune system
  • Helps to make road trips and travel more enjoyable
  • Increases animal’s comfort
  • May help compliance during training

Learn more about the benefits of CBD oil for your pets and consider adopting a Shelter pet today. Also, enjoy 20% off on all Phyto Animal Health products using code: “LOVEPETS”.

Choose from a range of edible CBD dog treats, CBD cat treats & vitality & vitality-x animal products to give your pets the best for their health & wellbeing.

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