Make a Simple Hemp Bracelet

Make a Simple Hemp Bracelet (shutterstock_237498595)If you’re interested in making a hemp bracelet, whether for yourself or a friend, and are overwhelmed with the variety of braiding options, begin with this simple bracelet that’s made with a two hemp cords and a button. It doesn’t require any braiding and will take just a couple of minutes to put together.

Hemp cords are commonly used for friendship bracelets. The cords, which are made from the fibers of the hemp plant, are known for their durability and toughness. If you were given a bracelet made from hemp cord from a friend, you could never take it off and it would happily cling to your wrist through long days, nights of sleep and showers. Hemp cords are naturally a tan color, but if you visit your local craft shop, you’ll see that manufacturers will dye them so you can get them in nearly any color you can imagine. Some even feature patterns.

From a crafts shop, pick out a single packet of hemp cord; you can take the two strands from the same packet. Plus, you’ll need a button, which you likely have lying around the house. A latte button, which is one that has four holes in its center in the shape of a square, works best.

Begin by cutting the two strands of court, each about four to five inches in length. Take the end of one strand and thread it down through the top right hole of the button and then up through the bottom right hole. Pull the cord tight. With the second cord, thread it down into the top left hole of the button and then up through the bottom left hole. Pull it tight.

You’re then going to tie the four free ends of the two cords together. Place the button against the back of your wrist and wrap the cords around your wrist to see where you should place the knot. If you have a friend close by, for the best fit, have them tie a knot with the four strands for you while the strands are wrapped around your wrist. If you’re making the bracelet for a friend, fit it around their wrist and tie a knot at a tightness they prefer. Cut any excess strands and your bracelet is finished!





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