How to Use the Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ Oral Applicator

HempMeds® CBD hemp oil supplements are available in a variety of product types – including MCT oil liquids and tinctures, topical salves, capsules, and of course, RSHO™ pure hemp oil oral applicators, our highest CBD products.

Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ oral applicators offer an easy to use pure CBD hemp oil product, providing high levels of CBD per each serving. Here we discuss the ideal way to store and use RSHO™ oral applicators as part of your CBD hemp oil supplement routine. All RSHO™ pure hemp oils come packaged in our unique oral applicator system, making it a snap to maximize your daily CBD servings.

Most of our oral applicators (3 gram and 10 gram tubes) come with a plunger style system for dispensing our oils. On these oral applicators, fractions of a gram are delineated on the side of the tube, providing an intuitive means to measure out specific sized servings. We have a suggested serving size of half a gram for all of our pure hemp oil oral applicators, providing between 50 and 190 mg of CBD per serving, depending on the RSHO™ label chosen. To dispense your serving of RSHO™, remove the cap from the oral applicator and depress the plunger until the desired amount of oil is dispensed according to the markers on the side. The oil can be placed directly on your fingernail, a butter knife, or a spoon and placed under the tongue and held for 90 seconds.

The exception to this method is the 15 g Green Label oral applicators. These oral applicator tubes use a dial, rather than a plunger, to dispense servings of RSHO™. Again, before use, remove the cap from the oral applicator, and then turn the dial to dispense the desired serving size. A half turn of the dial (180 degrees) on the 15 gram tubes will give you the 0.5 g suggested serving; a full turn of the dial (360 degrees) will give you a one gram serving.

It is important to remember that our pure hemp oils are natural botanical extracts, and that some change in color and viscosity of the oil is normal from batch to batch. We strongly recommend that you store your RSHO™ oral applicators in the fridge to preserve the oil’s freshness and extend its shelf life.

Learn more about our CBD hemp oil products on our education page or visit our online shop to get started with daily CBD supplements today.

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