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How to Maximize Your Holiday CBD Sales

CBD is a hot seller this year, causing retailers everywhere to add CBD products to their shelves this holiday season. Here is how you can use HempMeds® CBD products to drive sales this year.

The holiday season is already upon us, and retailers everywhere are preparing for the shopping season for holidays like Christmas. Now is the time to start planning for your holiday marketing push, ordering in the stock you will need to meet the needs of your customers, and setting your store displays to encourage sales. 

Have you thought about how CBD oil products like those from HempMeds® will fit into your holiday plan? CBD, one of the fastest-growing wellness trends on the market, has the potential to be a big holiday seller this holiday season, as customers look to share the benefits of CBD with their friends and loved ones. 

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Be Ready for Holiday Shopping Habits

Market research shows that over half of Americans will spend at least $500 this Christmas. A third will spend over $1000. With CBD oil being one of the hottest topics of the year, CBD products have the potential to draw a large piece of this spending. 

Something to keep in mind when marketing HempMeds® CBD products to your customers this holiday shopping season is that the types of products that do well on your shelves may shift through the holidays. 

Customers shopping for gifts will likely be looking for products like CBD edibles, CBD tinctures, CBD balms, and CBD bath and body products that make fun and unique gifts. Here is more on the best CBD stocking stuffers and CBD gifts from HempMeds®.

Remember that the holiday season is more than just around Christmas – consider how CBD can be marketed in your store for major shopping days like Black Friday and, if you are an online retailer, Cyber Monday. 

Plan Ahead for a Successful Season

It’s never too early to start planning for the holiday shopping season, and many major retailers begin their holiday push as early as the summer. Preparing your marketing plan, purchasing products, and setting displays before the holiday rush begins will ensure your store is ready when holiday shoppers arrive. 

Many retailers are expecting a spike in CBD sales as gifts this holiday season. Be sure to purchase the HempMeds® CBD products you need to cover the bulk of your anticipated sales to avoid the need to restock or potentially having empty shelves once the season begins. Here are some popular CBD products to stock for the holidays

CBD is anticipated to be a hot seller this holiday season. Now is the best time to start thinking about how your business can take advantage of this new trend. Don’t worry if your customers don’t buy your CBD inventory as gifts. CBD sales are expected to continue growing, meaning your customers are likely to buy up any remaining holiday stock for themselves.  

The CBD industry is anticipated to grow from $1.9 billion in sales in 2018 to $20 billion in sales by 2024 – a compound annual growth rate of 49 percent. Stocking top-quality CBD products from HempMeds® year round can help you take part in this lucrative market. 

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Offer Only Top Quality CBD Products

CBD is a hot seller this year – a trend that is expected to continue into the holiday season. This has caused many businesses to begin carrying CBD products to meet the demands of their customers, but how do you know you are offering the best CBD products?

To take advantage of CBD’s popularity, many manufacturers have flooded the market with inferior CBD oil products that may not contain advertised CBD amounts or, even worse, may contain dangerous contaminants that can make your customers sick. 

Carry CBD products your customers will love with HempMeds®. The first to distribute CBD oil products from hemp nationwide, HempMeds® created a strict quality standard, including our industry-first Triple Lab Tested® process that verifies the consistency and safety of all our CBD products. 

These industry-leading quality standards take steps to protect the integrity of our products, and therefore, the health and satisfaction of your customers. This holiday season, offer your customers the original and best CBD products by stocking HempMeds® CBD products. Learn more about HempMeds® quality and safety standards. 

Create Effective Displays for CBD

Appealing displays are crucial to successfully selling any product, and it is true of CBD products as well. Knowing where and how to market and display CBD products in your store can help increase your holiday sales. 

If you manage a brick and mortar store, like a health food shop, natural products shop, wellness shop, and others, then building visually appealing retail displays can be critical to a successful holiday shopping season. 

Consider grouping popular CBD products together or with other types of products in gift basket displays to give your customers ideas about how to use CBD products as gifts. 

When displaying topicals like CBD salve or hemp body lotion, providing a tester for customers to try can help convince them to purchase them as gifts or even for themselves. 

Smaller impulse buys, like CBD tinctures, CBD salves, and CBD isolate can be kept near your checkout for quick add on purchases.

Even online retailers can take advantage of visual displays to promote CBD products on their websites. Adding banners and similar features to your website’s homepage or store page to bring attention to current promotions or popular products. 

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Using Social Media, Email, and More to Promote CBD

Keeping in contact with your customers can encourage increased business and draw customers in for featured products. Here are some online and traditional marketing tools for you to use in your business to promote HempMeds® CBD products to your customers this holiday season. 

Social media remains a popular and cost-effective way for businesses like yours to share the CBD products in your store with your loyal customers. Posting to social media is also a great way to inform your customers about any sales or promotions your business is running. 

Tagging @hempmedspx in your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook posts can help your customers learn more about the top quality HempMeds® CBD products you are selling. You can also repost relevant posts from HempMeds® that your followers are likely to engage with. 

Your business website is another way to stay in contact with your loyal customers. Sliding banners on your landing page and posts on your blog can help draw potential customers to HempMeds® CBD products in your store. 

Traditional mailers and ads in local media are one more way to inform local shoppers that your business is carrying top quality CBD products from HempMeds®. Email newsletters can also be used to keep in touch with customers during the holiday season.

Customers often turn to gift guides for ideas on the hottest gifts to give each year. Taking advantage of these guides to promote products and follow shopping trends can be another great way to increase your holiday sales. 

Many local and national print publications as well as countless online media outlets run detailed gift guides featuring CBD products like those from HempMeds® starting in the months leading up to the holiday shopping season. 

These gift guides can be great tools for businesses to promote HempMeds® CBD products in their store. You can share these with your customers through your email list or social media. You can also create your own gift guide using products in your store and share with your customers in the same way. 

Make Sure Your Team is Educated on CBD

Despite their soaring popularity, CBD oil products are still new to many customers, and those shopping your store may have questions. Having the knowledge to confidently answer these questions can be a critical component to successfully selling CBD products to your customers, especially those new to CBD. 

How can you make sure your employees have the basic CBD knowledge to sell HempMeds® products? Sharing articles from our CBD Oil Education page with your employees can help support them as they sell the benefits of CBD with your customers. 

The HempMeds® CBD Oil Education page is a comprehensive resource for learning about CBD oil, the wellness benefits of CBD, the types of CBD products available, and why HempMeds® has become Your Trusted CBD Source for thousands of customers around the world. 

Have a specific question you can’t find an answer to on our website? Contact your HempMeds® representative, and they will do their best to provide a detailed response. 

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Learn More About CBD Wholesale Opportunities

Visit our CBD for Business page to learn more about how our award-winning CBD products can help your business enter the booming CBD market or browse our online store to see the CBD products we offer. 

Ready to get started as a HempMeds® wholesaler? Click here and fill out the form on the bottom of the page, and a HempMeds® representative will contact you.

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