How do you make CBD oil?

How is CBD Oil Made?

CBD oil is made from high-CBD cultivars of hemp plants. From start to finish, our manufacturing process assures the safest and most effective CBD products on the market.

Over recent years, CBD oil has become a highly sought after supplement for promoting health and wellness in people of all ages. Made from cultivars of hemp plants that are naturally high in CBD, CBD oil can be extracted and then taken directly or infused into other supplements.

As the leader in the hemp-derived CBD industry, HempMeds® developed manufacturing and testing procedures that ensure that our CBD supplements are of the highest quality and safe for you and your family. Our CBD oil producing standards have been developed through years of careful testing and research and have since become standard in the industry. Each step, from plant growth to extraction to testing, is executed with your health and safety in mind.

Here’s a glimpse at each step of the process we use — from seed to final testing — to create the highest quality CBD oil available:

Step 1: High-Quality Hemp and Clean Growing Practices

Creating the most effective CBD oil on the market means starting with the ideal cultivar of hemp. Each hemp varietal has its own unique genetic makeup, and our company set out to find the strain that would flourish and offer the highest CBD content. Our team of researchers tested over 3,000 varieties before identifying the strain with the optimal cannabinoid profile and ability to thrive in the ideal Northern European microclimate. Our high quality plants ensure that our CBD oil will contain all of the cannabinoids, minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, terpenes, and flavonoids you are looking for.

From the beginning of the growing process, we are committed to product quality and environmental safety. Our non-GMO hemp plants are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or other chemical fertilizers by a 750-family farming cooperative in Northern Europe committed to traditional and time-tested farming practices. Cannabis plants are bioaccumulators, which means they drawn contaminants from the soil, so it’s especially important that cannabis is grown using the safest and most natural methods possible. We choose to not use these dangerous chemicals to ensure that toxic residuals don’t leak into the plant or into nearby soil and water sources.

growing hemp

Step 2: Supercritical CO2 Extraction

After harvesting our hemp plants, we use the safest and most reliable way to extract pure hemp oil. We pull the CBD oil from the plant’s stalks and seeds using supercritical CO2, which is carbon dioxide kept in a stable state above its critical pressure and temperature. This process is GRAS (generally regarded as safe) by the FDA, and it allows us to safely withdraw the hemp with little damage to its composition. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly, supercritical CO2 extraction has become customary in the food, flavoring, and perfume industries, and is the same process used to remove the caffeine from decaffeinated coffee.

Other companies opt to extract their CBD oil using toxic solvents, like hexane, acetone, and butane, leaving their customers susceptible to residual contamination and potentially causing environmental harm.

While supercritical CO2 extraction is more costly and requires greater expertise, it protects employees from inhalation dangers and ensures that our CBD supplements are free of any harmful toxins.

Step 3: Testing and Formulating

To further ensure the safety and quality of our CBD oil, HempMeds® has developed the strictest testing process in the industry. Our Triple Lab TestingTM process examines our CBD oil three separate times throughout manufacturing, each time ensuring that it contains the ideal cannabinoid concentration and that it’s completely free of residual solvents, mold, mildew, or metals.

We go above and beyond industry standards to ensure that our CBD oil supplements are safe and high quality. Our cultivators in Europe first test our hemp periodically throughout the growing season and again after harvest and extraction. Second, the hemp-derived CBD oil is tested by independent, ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited testing labs, which verify consistent CBD ratios and no residual toxins. Finally, our formulators batch test our hemp oil as they create our wide range of CBD hemp oil supplements using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

By testing the product at three points during the manufacturing process, the HempMeds® Triple Lab TestingTM process ensures our CBD supplements contain the highest concentration of cannabinoids while remaining free of even trace amounts of harmful contaminants.

testing cbd oil

Types of CBD Oil Products Available

Once CBD oil is extracted from hemp and tested for quality and safety, it can be consumed directly as Pure CBD Oil or infused into a wide range of products that range in potency and application or consumption methods.

making cbd oil

Depending on your desired CBD concentration, budget requirements, lifestyle, and taste preferences, you can find an ideal CBD oil supplement that meets your needs.

Among the available CBD products from HempMeds® include:

To get more guidance on choosing the right CBD oil supplement for you, visit our “Beginner’s Guide to CBD Hemp Oil Products.”

Get Started With CBD Oil

Start your journey with CDB today by visiting the HempMeds® online shop or by calling 1-866-273-8502. To learn more about the benefits of CBD, visit our blog.


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