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HempMeds® Mexico’s Raul Elizalde To WHO Committee: CBD Is Not Psychoactive.

HempMeds®  Mexico’s Raul Elizalde Speaks Before WHO Committee On Why CBD Is Not Psychoactive

Last week, our own Raul Elizalde made the trek to Geneva, Switzerland to represent the cannabis community as a whole and speak on behalf of the beneficial, non-psychoactive properties of CBD hemp oil.

Hopefully you’ve been following the biggest cannabis story of the year right here on HempMeds.com or through our series of blogs. Here’s a few if you need to catch up: Meet the man himself and learn his incredible story at #RaulWHO. Find out about Raul and HempMeds® here.

Today we’ll cover why exactly Raul was invited to speak at the WHO, and what their official agenda was. Raul’s journey technically ended in Geneva, but the road for CBD acceptance may be longer.

WHO Are You?

On November 6th, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Thirty-Ninth meeting of the Expert Committee on Drug Dependence took place with a 5-day agenda to determine the potential for harm or dependance of 16 different substances, including cannabidiol (CBD).

HempMeds® sent a representative to speak before the committee on the first day regarding CBD. (Way to go, Raul!)

While the WHO recognizes the medical use of certain substances, the committee is also tasked with determining which substances should be regulated or banned internationally as scheduled drugs.

The WHO is responsible for conducting the medical, scientific, and public health evaluation of potentially harmful substances to determine the UN’s role in regulating them. This is done through the thirteen member Expert Committee on Drug Dependence (ECDD). The committee is made up of an international panel of experts in the field of drug addiction and abuse.

Expert Committee on Drug Dependence

The ECDD evaluates the dependence-producing properties and potential harm to health of psychoactive substances. The WHO then communicates the OECD’s recommendations on whether or not the substances should be placed under international control.

The Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND), made up of 53 UN Member States, considers the WHO’s recommendation along with other relevant economic, social, legal, and administrative factors. The CND decides whether substances come under international control based on the ECDD’s recommendations and all other available information.

The drugs listed below were reviewed by the ECDD:

  1. Ocfentanil
  2. Furanyl fentanyl (Fu-F)
  3. Acryloylfentanyl (Acrylfentanyl)
  4. Carfentanil
  5. 4-fluoroisobutyrfentanyl (4-FIBF, pFIBF)
  6. Tetrahydrofuranylfentanyl (THF-F)
  7. 4-fluoroamphetamine (4-FA)
  10. 5F-PB-22
  11. UR-144
  12. 5F-ADB
  13. Etizolam
  14. Pregabalin
  15. Tramadol
  16. Cannabidiol (CBD)

How Was The List Determined?

To gather information on these substances, an online questionnaire was designed to explore the legitimate medical or scientific use, potential for abuse, and potential impact of international control for each of the 16 substances under evaluation.

UN Member States were invited to collaborate in the process by providing pertinent information as requested in the questionnaire. The results of these questionnaires will be published as part of the ECDD’s final review.

Raul’s Big Day

An Open Session for the 39th ECDD meeting was held at the WHO Geneva Headquarters on Monday 6th November from 9:00 – 11:00 am. The Open Session provides the opportunity for parties with a special interest in the substances under review to present information to the committee. HempMeds® representative Raul Elizalde spoke during this session on CBD’s benefits and how it is not psychoactive.

Raul’s Recap

No media is allowed inside during the meetings, but according to firsthand observations from Raul himself, everything went really well. He said that before his group was about to speak, that Dr. Suzanne Hill, who is the Director for the Essential Meedicines and Health Products Department in the WHO, let Raul and other cannabis/CBD speakers (including Michael Krawitz, the Executive Director for Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access), move to the middle table, so they were “…front and center to the whole process!”

Raul also said that part of his testimony at the end of the presentation involved him sharing the 6,500 stories that he and HempMeds® collected from patients and CBD consumers during Raul’s road to Geneva.

What’s Next

Recommendations the committee makes regarding CBD’s international drug scheduling could influence CBD’s legality around the world, potentially impacting the health options of millions, and generating immense business opportunities.

Their decisions should be released within five days. Learn more about the Thirty-Ninth meeting of the Expert Committee on Drug Dependence and HempMeds®’ role here.

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