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HempMeds® works to change the Nation

4/20 just happened.  For those who are unfamiliar, 420 is a holiday for Cannabis users. It started as a small group of friends meeting up-and has turned into a global movement.  As we move in to May, another sort of global movement is growing.  That is the push for a new perspective on hemp and wellness in the United States.  All the while HempMeds® works to change the nation.

HempMeds’® own Real Scientific Hemp Oil is making headlines while the hemp movement in America rolls on. Changing the future of hemp in the US will not be an easy task.  Not only do we face pushback from certain un-informed lawmakers and citizens, but controversy within our own industry have caused unnecessary challenges.

Case in point- the erroneous “Hemp oil Hustlers” report that went out last year.  The report has been proven false, and the CEO of Stewart environmental, the testing company that made the mistakes, has retracted the findings (see video below).


The thing is-there are many definitions of the word “hustler.”  The first one listed in the dictionary is “an enterprising person determined to succeed; go-getter.” It’s the second definition that is mildly pejorative.  So in a sense the name of the article “Hemp oil hustlers” was correct.  We are driven to get our exceptional products to the market, and succeed in making an impact in the lives of our customers. Considering the tireless work of the HempMeds® staff and leadership, only the first definition could apply.

As HempMeds® fights it’s own battles others in the hemp movement are planning rallies and contacting lawmakers. Changing the face of wellness with a grassroots social movement

HempMeds® is at the forefront of this cultural evolution.  Many states, such as Kentucky are taking charge-and certain lawmakers, like Mitch McConnel and Rand Paul are stepping up to the plate.  All the while, Entrepreneurs and others who fall under the first definition of hustler are recognizing the cultural and monetary value of hemp.

HempMeds® will continue to lead the way for Hemp in the United States.  But as the saying goes: “an informed customer is the best agent for social change.” So we encourage you to learn the facts about hemp, and health.  And when you’re ready to order-you know where to find us.

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