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HempMeds® First to Retail Mainstream CBD Hemp Oil Products to a Global Marketplace

It wasn’t that long ago that access to cannabinoids was rare, reserved for those living in just a handful of medical marijuana states and suffering from very specific conditions recognized by their state.

Recognizing the need for a national and international cannabinoid market to best provide access to cannabinoids to as many people as possible, HempMeds® began researching ways to bring cannabis-based products to a wider customer base.

However, with federal prohibition and sporadic state laws keeping medical and recreational marijuana from much of the country, HempMeds® had to search for an alternative source of cannabinoids. What we found was hemp.

CBD supplements created from hemp were a new idea, untested by others creating cannabis-based products, so we set about as a company creating the industry and making CBD available to a new set of consumers by sourcing it from hemp.

The company first went national in 2012 with sales of CBD hemp oil products from Dixie Botanicals™ before eventually shipping brands like our RSHO™ over international borders.

The reason CBD hemp oil can be manufactured and shipped both domestically and internationally is because most developed countries clearly distinguish between hemp and its cousin, marijuana, both of which are forms of the cannabis plant.

Although it is still largely illegal on a federal level to grow hemp in the U.S., hemp can be imported from international sources and then manufactured into a range of products, including CBD hemp oil.

To comply with these restrictions, we grow our non-GMO hemp in Europe before shipping the CBD hemp oil extracted from our hemp plants to our formulators in the U.S.

Using our CBD hemp oil pipeline, HempMeds® was able to create a safe and reliable source of hemp to sustain the newly developed hemp oil supplement market. We have now become the most trusted source for CBD both in the U.S. and internationally because of the high-quality of our hemp oil products.

We hold all our products to a rigid Triple Lab Tested™ standard that examines our CBD hemp oil at three points during our manufacturing process, checking both for consistent potency and to protect users from residual contamination.

We now retail products like pure CBD hemp oils and CBD-infused salves, tinctures, capsules, and even skin care products, giving our customers a range of choices in their hemp oil products.

Our ability to ship CBD across the country has greatly expanded the availability of cannabinoids in the U.S., including to those living in non-medical marijuana states or countries who were previously left without access to cannabis products of any kind.

Learn more about our Firsts HERE, or visit our CBD education page to discover the many benefits of CBD hemp oil products.

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