Hemp Used to Make Jeans

Hemp Used to Make Jeans (shutterstock_232139821)For most people, jeans serve as a staple in their wardrobe. Most jeans currently on the market are made with cotton, but there are some manufacturers who produce jeans made from hemp. The hemp plant, or Cannabis sativa L, is sustainable and incredibly easy to grow, and it produces a fiber that can be used to make a variety of fabrics, including denim jeans.

There are a number of benefits of having jeans that are made from hemp fiber. Hemp is incredibly strong and durable, so it resists tears and can easily take the beating from being worn and washed over and over. They’ll last you longer than jeans made of other materials, which will break down over time after being worn and washed. Hemp fiber is also moisture-wicking, so instead of your sweat sticking to your skin and causing your pants to cling to your legs when you’re in warm temperatures, it offers breathability. Hemp also possesses natural anti-microbial and anti-mildew properties, so unless you spill on them, you can wear the odor-resisting hemp jeans multiple times before having to throw them in the wash. Washing hemp jeans isn’t such a bad idea though, because each time you do the fabric gets softer.

Hemp jeans look similar to ones made from cotton, except that the hemp causes there to be a little touch of brown intertwined with the typical dark blue. They do, however, feel different than cotton jeans. Hemp jeans are softer and more pliable, so that they have a tactile feeling similar to linen. If you prefer a softer jean, it’s like you’ll prefer hemp jeans over cotton ones once you give them a try.

Right now, you’ll have to work a little bit to find yourself a pair of hemp jeans. While some boutiques carry hemp clothing in their stores, your best bet is to shop online. This, of course, leads to the issue of having to purchase jeans without having the opportunity to try them on first. This frustrating shopping experience looks to possibly be ending soon, as more manufacturers, partly due to their interest in using solely sustainable and environmentally-friendly fibers, are looking into producing hemp jeans.





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