A Fun Snack for Kids (and you) – Hemp Seed Banana Sushi

hemp banana sushiGetting your kids to embrace healthy eating habits can be a challenge at times, but there will be no problem getting them to chow down on this tasty banana-based snack. This raw and completely vegan goodie requires just three ingredients: a banana, peanut butter and hemp seeds. Plus, it takes just a couple of minutes to make, so it’s a perfect choice for when they come home hungry after school.

Although your kids won’t care, you’ll be happy to hear that the three ingredients that make up hemp seed banana sushi will provide them with potassium, fiber, unsaturated fat, protein and essential fatty acids. Bananas are high in potassium, which helps to maintain blood pressure and improve heart function. Both bananas and hemp seeds are high in fiber, so they’ll keep your child’s healthy digestive system running. Peanut butter and hemp seeds are both packed with healthy unsaturated fats, which keep cholesterol where it should be, and protein, which repairs and builds tissue. Hemp seeds will also provide your child with omega-3 and omega-6, two essential fatty acids that will help maintain his or her healthy heart and cardiovascular system. 

To make hemp seed banana sushi, first peel a single banana and lay it on a plate. A ripe banana will work best. Spread a layer of peanut butter, or your personal favorite type of nut butter, over the entire top half of the banana. Lastly, sprinkle the top and sides of the banana with hemp seeds. They’ll stick and stay in place because of the peanut butter. For an extra taste of sweetness, lightly pour honey over the top of the hemp seeds. The snack can quickly become a dessert by using chocolate syrup as a topping. Use a butter knife to slice the banana in small pieces widthwise, so that the finished product looks like a prepared sushi roll. Your kids will like the bite-sized finger food, and don’t forget to make one for yourself!





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