Hemp Oil Used as Base for Wood Finish

Hemp Oil Used as Base for Wood Finish - shutterstock_223684648It’s strange to think that hemp oil, with all its natural benefits, can also serve as a top coat when finishing wood products. But hemp oil, when spread over wooden floors, chopping blocks and wooden furniture, will offer up a water-resistant, protective and beautiful finish.

Hemp oil is known as a drying oil because of how quickly it dries. A few minutes after application, it’ll be dry to the touch. However, it will take about 30 days for the oil to completely cure. You can touch the surface throughout these 30 days, but it may feel a little oily. One of the main benefits to using hemp oil for a wood finish is that once it dries, it won’t leave any film.

To use hemp oil on your wood products, first clean and dry their surfaces. Hemp oil works best on porous wood surfaces. You can apply it using a cloth or a brush. A brush is likely better for those pieces that are smaller or have crevices. The cloth might be ideal when you’re applying the oil to large, flat surfaces. All you need to do is apply it, let it soak in and then clear away any excess. When you’re applying the oil, try to use just enough. Only what’s applied to the surface will absorb—the rest will stay rested on top and will need to be wiped away.

The finish that hemp oil leaves is a combination between matte and satin. In addition to wooden floors, chopping blocks and wooden furniture, you can apply it to wooden decks, fences, wooden stairs, wooden shutters and wooden siding. Although one coat is typically enough, if you add more coats, the finish will become more sheen. For maintenance, you’ll need to apply a light coat of hemp oil to your wood surfaces about every other year.





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