How to Use Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil as a Subsitute - shutterstock_224117023Hemp oil is a natural benefits powerhouse, which is likely why you’re interested in the best ways to incorporate it into your diet. In most circumstances, you can use hemp oil as you would any other cooking oil.

Hemp oil is made by cold-pressing hemp seeds, which come from the Cannabis sativa L. plant. Although it does come from the Cannabis family, it is free of any psychoactive properties. The oil has a light to dark green appearance and, like the nuts from where it originates, has a creamy and nutty flavor.

Some people prefer to use the oil as a supplement and consume it completely on its own. If that doesn’t appeal to you, there are other quick ways you can get it into your diet. Add a little bit of the hemp oil to the fruits, vegetables and other super foods that make up your morning smoothie. Instead of olive oil, pour hemp oil over cooked pasta before sprinkling the dish with parmesan cheese. Use it as a substitute for butter and drizzle it over baked potatoes or cooked vegetables. Toss the oil with popcorn for a nutritious movie snack.

You can also use the oil as a base in many salad dressings. Hemp oil can serve as a substitute for any recipe that calls for olive or vegetable oil. It can also be used when making your own pesto sauce or hummus. Mix it into the guacamole that you’ve prepared for the family.

Hemp oil can also serve as a substitute for olive oil, walnut oil or butter when stir frying and sautéing meats and vegetables on the stove. Keep in mind that because hemp has a relatively low smoke point, you don’t want to use it for deep frying or high temperature cooking. If you cook the oil at a temperature higher than 400 degrees, you’ll change its molecular structure and it will form undesirable trans-fatty acids. Therefore, if you’re going to use it on the stove, just do so for light cooking, maintaining a lower temperature that keeps the oil from smoking.

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