Hemp Oil and Seeds are Gluten Free

A valuable source of an array of dietary nutrients, hemp seeds and hemp oil are gluten free in their pure form.

More and more people have come to recognize the nutritional benefits of hemp, an amazing plant that is grown and harvested for a wide array of purposes, including for making food and supplements. Considered by many to be a “super food,” hemp-derived seeds and oil are some of the most valuable plant-based products out there.

With many people adding hemp seeds and hemp oil into their daily routines, a common question is whether hemp foods and supplements are safe for people who follow a gluten-free diet.

What Does it Mean to Be Gluten Free?

Gluten free is a term used to describe a food product or supplement that does not contain any gluten, or the proteins found in wheat. Gluten is found in certain types of grains, such as rye, wheat, oat, barley, and the derivatives of these grains like malt, durum, einkorn, emmer, kamut, spelt, and triticale.

Foods like breads, cookies, muffins, tortillas, crackers, croutons, chips, soups, pasta, cereals, and salad dressing that derive from these grains can contain gluten. Wheat flours like enriched flour, farina, graham flour, self-rising flour, and semolina also have gluten. Gluten acts as glue that holds these foods together, helping them maintain their shape.

Some people must or choose to follow a completely gluten-free diet for health purposes. Those diagnosed with celiac disease, a serious autoimmune disorder that affects people of all ages, refrain from eating gluten because it triggers an immune reaction that damages the lining of their small intestine.

Others may have non-celiac gluten sensitivity and experience headaches, bloating, pain, fatigue, or diarrhea after eating foods containing gluten.

With gluten found in many types of foods that make up a large part of today’s typical meals, following a gluten-free diet can be challenging. Making the switch can seem daunting, as at first it may be difficult to put together meals without any gluten.

Those who refrain from eating gluten must take extra precaution to ensure they’re obtaining adequate levels nutrients to maintain health and wellness. A lack of gluten can make you more susceptible to being deficient in a few nutrients, including fiber, iron, zinc, magnesium, and vitamin D. A lack of fiber may lead to constipation.

Do Hemp Seeds or Hemp Oil Contain Gluten?

Hemp seeds and hemp oil naturally do not contain gluten, so they both align with a gluten-free diet. This means that those who follow a gluten-free diet can feel comfortable incorporating hemp seeds and hemp oil in their pure form into their diets without experiencing any of the ill effects gluten causes.

In fact, those who follow a gluten-free diet may find that incorporating hemp seeds and hemp oil into their diets helps them reduce the risk of nutrient deficiencies. Hemp is a great source of a number of vitamins and minerals, including zinc, iron, magnesium, vitamin D, and vitamin A. Hemp is also high in fiber, which supports digestive health and could be beneficial for preventing constipation.

Hemp seeds are tasty enough to be eaten raw or shelled on their own, or they can be tossed into your favorite smoothie recipe, blended with basil to make pesto, and added as a topping to salads and soups.

Many health food stores offer hemp flour, which is made by crushing hemp seeds and then milling and sifting the remaining hemp seed cake, or hemp protein, made by grinding hemp seeds. Both can can serve as an alternative for wheat flours for making gluten-free breads, muffins, and cookies, or added to smoothies and sauces.

With its naturally nutty flavor, hemp seed oil is considered to be one of the most nutritious types of oil and can be put into foods like dressing, smoothies, soups, and sauces.

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Chance of Contamination

While hemp is naturally free of gluten, there is a chance of gluten contamination when hemp is grown in large agricultural areas that have barley, wheat, or other grains growing nearby. In such a case, a seed from a plant containing gluten could inadvertently be introduced into hemp seeds.

Farmers who grow various types of crops may also use the same equipment to harvest, store, and transport hemp as they do with their gluten-containing grains, which could leave the hemp seeds susceptible.

While it’s not always the case that hemp will be cross-contaminated with gluten, if farmers or manufactures work with both hemp and grains, the introduction of a single gluten-containing wheat, barley, or rye seed can occur during harvest, seed cleaning, or transport.

Do Hemp Seeds or Hemp Seed Oil Contain CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid that is produced by cannabis plants, including hemp. While hemp seeds and hemp seed oil provide the body with an array of nutrients that promote health and wellness, they do not contain CBD.

CBD interacts with the body’s native systems to promote balance in an array of functions and physiological processes.

Those interested in obtaining CBD should look for CBD oil, which is a botanical extract made from the stalks of hemp varieties that are naturally high in CBD.

CBD hemp oil products derived from hemp are legal to purchase and use as a dietary supplement in the United States.

HempMeds® offers a full line of CBD hemp oil products, including pure CBD oil, tinctures, liquids, capsules, and energy chews. Many of these CBD hemp oil supplements can be blended into everyday beverages and foods, including smoothies, honey and butter.

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More on Hemp

You can learn more about the remarkable plant known as hemp by visiting the HempMeds® blog.

Interested in hemp oil containing CBD? Get started with hemp-derived CBD supplements today through the HempMeds® online shop or by calling 1-866-273-8502.


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