HempMeds Earth Day 2020

Happy Earth Day 2020, From HempMeds® President Todd Morrow

HempMeds® President Todd Morrow celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day in a personal message to the HempMeds® community.

“Earth Day is a commitment to make life better, not just bigger and faster; To provide real rather than rhetorical solutions.”

This is what The New York Times published when Earth Day made its debut in 1970 with a full-page ad from Environmental Teach-In.

And what a perfect message it is, as the current pandemic has this day looking much different from Earth Days, or really any days, in the past. We’re all currently doing our part to make life better (not bigger or faster) by social distancing, working from home, and giving up many everyday conveniences. We’re also seeing high-end clothing manufacturers making face masks, automobile makers making respirators and spirit distilleries making hand sanitizer — all large shifts that will disrupt supply chains and revenue but are real solutions that will help us fight this pandemic together.

As for nature, this pandemic has allowed it to begin to heal itself. Social distancing has allowed our air quality to improve significantly as fewer trains, cars, and planes operate. NASA’s satellite images show that carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and other emissions are down — all things that showcase an improvement in our air quality. Plants and animals are thriving as well because there are fewer people out to disrupt their natural habitats.

Following suit, more and more people are beginning to heal themselves, too. Whether that means finding new consistent workout regimens, eating organic daily or educating themselves on wellness products to feed their body’s regulatory systems, people are looking for new ways to take responsibility for their health now and in the future. Cannabidiol (CBD), a natural compound that has exploded in the past few years, is something that many people are turning to for health and wellness support, and we’re proud to be able to provide them with the most high-quality CBD products on the market.

One of these products is our Real Scientific Hemp Oil® (RSHO®) Green Label. It’s one of our best-selling CBD product and it helps consumers get as close to the earth as possible. It is the closest thing you can find to the organic makeup of the natural hemp plant of our three label types (check out our Blue & Gold Label CBD oils, too). We do not decarboxylate (lightly heat) this product after extracting it from the hemp plant, keeping it similar in idea to juicing the hemp plant. Because it is in its raw form, the cannabinoids present in this CBD oil are largely left in their acidic form. It is higher in cannabidiolic acid (CBDa) than our other oils and is also a great source of essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and other trace cannabinoids.

It’s not only about what’s inside though! Pair your purchase of Green Label RSHO® with our Real Scientific Hemp Oil® Salve to nourish and hydrate dry, worn, tired areas of your body such as muscles and joints, rough elbows and cracked cuticles. For our dry hands from regular washing and sanitizer use, it offers moisturization to help bring your skin back to life. It even has an earthy fragrance that will help you continue to celebrate this holiday smelling great!

Happy 50th Anniversary, Earth Day. May we all have many healthy years to enjoy your many gifts.

With love for our planet,

Todd Morrow
President, HempMeds®

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