Groundbreaking Cable News Documentary on Cannabidiol (CBD) Features HempMeds

Cannabis: The NFL, lawmakers, and people and parents around the world are “buzzing” about accessibility to the ancient plant.

A groundbreaking cable TV documentary titled “Journey to Health,” the third in a popular series produced by AWE TV, will air Sunday, Aug. 24, at 10pm EST/7pm PST. Soon, millions will be given the full details on an amazing component of the cannabis plant: cannabidiol (CBD).

Mainstream news reports show people uprooting and flocking to legalized cannabis states for access to the “whole plant.” For some, that is the right answer. Yet, for others who are seeking just CBD, the truth about accessibility may surprise viewers watching AWE TV’s “Journey to Health.”

To understand why this topic is so controversial, one must separate hemp from “marijuana.” The “marijuana” plant is abundant in the cannabinoid THC – what gets people “high” – and the opposite is true of the industrial hemp plant: although both are in the cannabis genus, nobody can get “high” from industrial hemp. The industrial hemp plant is instead abundant in the cannabinoid CBD.

The industrial hemp plant is a hearty plant that can grow naturally without pesticides or herbicides and yield five to six times as much as other crops in one season. There are an estimated 25,000 products that can be produced from industrial hemp including building materials, car parts, rope, textiles, soap, oils, biofuel, paper, and even nutritional supplements. AWE TV is featuring this side of the industrial hemp plant in “Journey to Health.”

It has taken years of work in the “seed-to-shelf” production process to ensure that there is global supply and “access for all” to natural CBD hemp oil. Health professionals are speaking out about the positive aspects of cannabis. There are literally decades of research on CBD that can be found on the internet. Do yourself a favor and do five minutes of research. If what you find is intriguing, tell everyone you know, care about and love to tune in and watch AWE TV’s “Journey to Health.” “Journey to Health” can be viewed on AWE TV through their cable providers; through ROKU™, Boxee™, and Samsung™ connected TVs; and Panasonic™ 2011+ connected TVs.

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