Certified Organic Hemp

HempMeds®’s Flagship RSHO® Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Crafted from Certified Organic Hemp

The superior non-GMO hemp used to craft HempMeds®’s Real Scientific Hemp Oil® (RSHO®) full-spectrum CBD oil hemp oil products is classified as Certified Organic.

Producing the highest-quality CBD oil products on the market starts at the source. That’s why the entire line of Real Scientific Hemp Oil® (RSHO®) full-spectrum CBD oil products by HempMeds® comes from Certified Organic Hemp.

RSHO® is the world’s finest hemp oil. Our RSHO® products come in Green, Blue, and Gold Labels, as well as four different delivery methods, to best fit a diverse set of consumer needs.

To ensure that our RSHO® CBD oil products are the highest quality you can find anywhere, our Certified Organic hemp is grown naturally by a family-owned farm in the Netherlands. Using centuries of experience handed down farmer to farmer over generations, our non-GMO European hemp plants thrive, growing into 12-foot-tall, robust, leafy plants.

Our veteran farmers simply let nature take its course. Thanks to nutritious soil, an ideal growing microclimate, responsible farming practices, and the perfect cultivar of licensed and registered European hempseed, our Certified Organic Hemp grows to serve as an incredible source of CBD and other unique nutrients found in our full-spectrum CBD oil.

The generational family-owned farm that grows the hemp for RSHO®’s full-spectrum CBD oil products has been awarded an Organic Certification from Skal Biocontrole, the control authority in Holland recognized by the European Union (EU). The Skal foundation inspects and determines farms and businesses that meet the EU’s organic farming standards.

By awarding our farm with the organic label, the Skal foundation certifies that the land used to grow our Certified Organic Hemp in the Netherlands has already undergone a conversion period to exclude any risks of chemical residue and that the land is continuously cultivated according to organic regulations.

What Does Certified Organic Hemp Mean?

Certified Organic Hemp is a major indicator of quality. Having our hemp officially classified as organic ensures that our plants are grown under high standards in accordance with European organic regulations and the Dutch Agricultural Quality Act.

To be Certified Organic, hemp must be grown while meeting soil quality, additive, and pest and weed control standards. Instead, our farmers produce thriving plants while relying on natural substances, as well as ecological farming methods to the fullest extent possible.

When researching CBD oil products to buy, it is important to inquire about farming practices. Since our Certified Organic Hemp is grown naturally, you can feel comfortable that our RSHO® full-spectrum CBD oil products are safe for you and your family to use.

Certified Organic Hemp Part of HempMeds® Commitment to Quality

Our Certified Organic Hemp is just one step HempMeds® has taken to bring you high-quality and safe full-spectrum CBD oil products. Since our beginning in 2012, we’ve been committed to providing the highest quality CBD you can find anywhere.

We extract our raw full-spectrum CBD oil and its wide array of nutritious compounds from hemp plants using clean supercritical CO2, rather than damaging solvents. Regarded as safe by the FDA, supercritical CO2 extraction ensures the safety and reliability of our full-spectrum CBD oil extract process.

We also examine the safety and purity of our CBD products with our rigorous Triple Lab Tested® process. Three separate times throughout the production process, our hemp CBD oil is tested for outside contaminants like mold, fungus, bacteria, and heavy metals and checks our CBD oil extract for consistent cannabinoid content.

Lastly, our full-spectrum CBD oil products were among the first to be awarded the U.S. Hemp Authority Certification Seal, an important milestone that indicates to our consumers that we have met the organizations’ stringent quality and safety standards and passed a third-party audit. Like the Organic Certification awarded to our growers, the U.S. Hemp Authority Certification Seal confirms the quality and safety of our hemp and CBD products.

Learn More About HempMeds® and Hemp

Explore our hemp CBD oil products through the HempMeds® online CBD shop, or learn more about hemp, CBD, and RSHO® through our education page.

Full-spectrum RSHO® is available as pure CBD oil packaged in oral applicators, CBD capsules, CBD tinctures and liquids, and in the form of a topical CBD salve.

If you’d like to get started wholesaling RSHO® CBD oil products, you can begin the process through the HempMeds® CBD oil wholesale page.

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