Tips on talking about CBD oil

How to Introduce Friends and Family to CBD Hemp Oil

Here is guidance on how best to introduce your loved ones to the natural benefits of CBD hemp oil.

Every single day, people hear about CBD hemp oil for the first time. Whether it’s through a recent news report or a close friend or family member, the word about how CBD encourages health and wellness continues to spread.

While hemp-derived CBD products are surging in popularity, there are still misconceptions and misinformation out there that may make some that are new to CBD oil reluctant.

As you set out to introduce your friends and family members to CBD oil, here are some tips on how to best educate them about the product’s incredible benefits.

Do Your Homework

Before sitting down with your friends and family members to tell them about CBD hemp oil, it is best if you have a good grasp on the basics of the product. Someone new to hemp-derived CBD oil will likely be confused. Expect your loved ones to have questions, and lots of them.

Some of the questions you can expect include:

  1. What is CBD oil?
  2. How does CBD oil work?
  3. Will CBD oil get me high?
  4. Is CBD oil legal?

Refamiliarize yourself with basic information about hemp oil before addressing your family and friends so you have an understanding of what CBD hemp oil is, how CBD interacts with the body’s native systems, and the legal status of hemp oil.

It is helpful to remember that CBD hemp oil is a botanical extract made from the stalks and seeds of hemp plants that is used to promote wellness. Of the more than 100 cannabinoids so far identified in hemp, CBD is among the most common and well understood.

Explain to your loved ones that CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, a complex regulatory network that helps keep a variety of biological processes in balance. Functions like appetite, sleep, mood, and immune response are regulated by the endocannabinoid system. Augmenting the body’s self-synthesized cannabinoids, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system’s receptors to stimulate the system and help it in the regulation of homeostasis.

When asked whether CBD oil will make them high, you can explain how CBD oil made from hemp contains only trace levels of the euphoric-causing compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), so it doesn’t produce psychoactive effects. CBD is completely non-psychoactive.

While laws regarding cannabis are complex in the United States, you can tell your family and friends that hemp-derived CBD oil is legal under federal law and available without a doctor’s recommendation.

discuss cbd with friends

Be Prepared for Uncertainty

With so much misinformation spread about cannabis over the years, it is likely that your friends and family members will initially be hesitant to seriously consider CBD hemp oil. Because hemp and marijuana come from the same species of plant, the terms are often mistakenly applied interchangeably and it is easy to get confused.

Be prepared for the initial uncertainty and be ready to explain the differences between hemp and marijuana. While the two plants are both members of the same species, Cannabis sativa L., they are unique in their chemical makeup and used for very different purposes.

While marijuana is harvested and used for its euphoric, psychoactive properties that cause a user to feel high, hemp is harvested for its seeds and stalks that can be used to produce thousands of products – including CBD products, food, textiles, body care products, paper, biofuel, and green building materials.

Hemp contains no more than 0.3 percent THC, the active compound in marijuana that elicits a euphoric effect. This is an incredible 33 times less than the least potent marijuana.

In short, hemp-derived CBD oil is completely different from marijuana. CBD is completely non-psychoactive and therefore won’t cause a high, making it a safe product for use by friends and family members of all ages.

Share Your Own CBD Story

If you’re motivated to share the benefits of CBD with your friends and family, it’s likely that you have personally experienced the cannabinoid’s natural benefits. Sharing your own story of your personal experience with CBD is a great way to connect with your loved ones and encourage them to be open minded about how they may also benefit from the product’s natural wellness properties.

Your family and friends, while they may be open to listening to you about CBD and its benefits right away, are likely to be even more willing to learning, and perhaps trying, CBD oil if they hear about positive experiences from someone they trust.

Be honest and open with your loved ones about your own journey with CBD, including the natural effects you’ve experienced and how it’s made you feel. Many of the people who now take CBD initially heard about the product through a personal friend or family member.

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Set Them on the Right Path

Once your friends and family members are open to trying CBD hemp oil, you will want to make sure they understand that not all CBD products out there are created equal. With CBD hot in demand, new manufacturers are popping up regularly, and it’s important your loved ones are directed toward only the safest and highest quality CBD products.

HempMeds® sources its unique high-CBD, non-GMO hemp from a collective of 750 family farms who use centuries-old techniques to cultivate the plants without using chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides that can contaminate CBD products. Rather than use chemical solvents to extract the botanical oil like some manufacturers, we use a supercritical CO2 process to safely and carefully pull the cannabinoid-rich oil from the plant.

All CBD products from HempMeds® also undergo our rigorous Triple Lab Tested™ process, during which our hemp oil is tested three separate times throughout manufacturing to ensure optimal cannabinoid content and that it’s free of outside contaminants. Because of this stringent testing process, you and your family and friends can rely on the quality of our CBD products.

As the leader in the CBD hemp oil space, HempMeds® is a company you can trust to recommend to your family and friends.

Where Your Friends and Family Can Get CBD Oil

CBD hemp oil products are legal to import, purchase, and use in the United States. Want to learn more about the incredible natural benefits of a daily CBD serving? Visit the HempMeds® blog.

For CBD oil products your friends and family members can trust, HempMeds® has a comprehensive line of CBD products in our online shop.

You can also learn about wholesale opportunities with HempMeds®, or join our affiliate program.

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