The History of Earth Day

What is the history of Earth Day?  Earth Day was born in the wake of a disaster. In 1969 in . 6 miles off the shore of Santa Barbara, California sat Union Oil’s platform A. It was situated atop of the  Dos Cuadras Offshore Oil Field. On January 28, 1969 platform A was drilling a fifth well from their location. When they struck their final depth there was an explosion of natural gas. Due to inadequate piping, this blow-out caused what was at the time the largest oil spill in US history.

Gaylord Nelson was a senator from Wisconsin at the time.  He bore witness to the damages caused by the spill. He was disturbed at repercussions of the spill.  Senator Nelson thought to prevent further disasters, awareness of environmental issues was crucial.  Sen. Nelson was inspired by the student antHistory of Earth Dayi-war movement that was in full swing at that point.  He had the vision to copy the style of the anti-war movement and create a grassroots national environmental movement.

The first Earth Day took place at colleges, universities, elementary and secondary schools in 1970. 20 million Americans celebrated the first Earth Day; since then Earth Day has grown in to an international holiday. It is recognized by more than 1 billion people in 192 countries. Earth Day has grown from the idea of one visionary Senator in to one of the largest secular holidays observed in the world.

This Earth Day, we should be thinking about the role of hemp in future conservation efforts. Hemp has properties that can clean impurities from soil, and scrub the air of greenhouse grasses.  Hemp’s fast rate of regrowth can help preserve forests that are meant to produce paper.  Hemp is so versatile that the fact that it is not grown legally nationwide is borderline criminal.

Organizations such as hemphelps are spreading the word.  And companies like Hempmeds and Kannaway are at the forefront of the movement to bring hemp back to America.  Hempmeds has products with purpose.  With hemp you can support your well being, and support the well being of the Earth.

So plant a flower, hug a tree, ride your bike to the store instead of driving.  But also think about Hemp.  Not just this Earth Day, but everyday.  Earth Day’s history is one of a movement starting small and growing large.  Just like the hemp plant, just like the hemp movement.

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