Countdown to Hemp History Week

As the push for hemp legalization grows nationwide, national Hemp History Week officially kicks off on Monday, June 1. This celebration will be host to more than 1,100 hemp-oriented events as well as seven days of awareness-raising all across the United States.

Hemp History Week is the brainchild of Vote Hemp and the Hemp Industries Association (HIA), a non-profit trade group representing the hemp industries. This week-long advocacy campaign will be featuring live music, hemp documentary film screenings, speakers, cooking

Hemp History Week

Hemp History Week is June 1-7

demonstrations, hemp home building courses, hemp product samples and other hemp-related events throughout the country .

Notable champions of the hemp cause that will be given center stage throughout the week.  These luminaries will include best-selling authors like Doug Fine, celebrities like Alicia Silverstone, entrepreneurs, activists, nutritionists, and high-profile musicians like Ziggy Marley, Jason Mraz and Grammy Winners Ozomatli. Hemp History Week isn’t just a national campaign to raise awareness of the importance of hemp to the U.S. economy, it’s also a week-long celebration with a star-studded cast!

One of the notable events of the week will take place in Columbia, SC on June 4. The S.E. Region Hemp Symposium will highlight topics that include business practices, farming techniques, hemp legislation, and community involvement. Some of the speakers at the event will be representatives from Tennessee, a hemp farmer from Canada and entrepreneurs from different sections of the hemp market– according to Catherine Hearn, the event coordinator for the Symposium.

“I moved to South Carolina a couple of years ago and found there were a lot of questions being asked about legislation, farming, required infrastructure and market opportunities,” Hearn says. “The goal of the Symposium is to provide answers to as many of those questions as possible.”

Hemp History Week

Sights like this may soon become more common in the U.S.

Additional popular happenings that range from educational to entertaining include: a Hemp Fashion Show and screening of hemp documentary “Bringing It Home” in Sacramento, CA; the Charlotte Hempfest in Charlotte, NC; the Chenango Hemp Forum in Morrisville, NY; and the Hands-on HempCrete & Building Materials Class in Seattle, WA.

The core goal of all of these events is returning full legalization of hemp cultivation in the United States — the intent is to restore the country to its former status as one of the prime movers of industrial hemp.

“Surging with momentum following a monumental year in 2014, wherein hemp was both legally cultivated and harvested in Kentucky, Colorado and Vermont, this year’s campaign will focus on the increased acreage of hemp on U.S. farms with the theme Sow the Seed,” organizers added via the news release.

To learn more about Hemp History Week, visit:

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