CBD holiday gift guide

CBD Stocking Stuffers and CBD Gifts to Sell This Holiday Season

CBD products like those from HempMeds® make great gifts for anyone concerned about their wellbeing, making them an in-demand product for gift giving. 

This holiday season could be the biggest yet for a CBD market that has grown continuously for years. Take advantage of CBD’s popularity during the year’s busiest shopping season by offering HempMeds® top-quality CBD products to your customers. 

Today, we will reveal some of HempMeds® best holiday sellers from well known CBD brands like Dixie Botanicals® and Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ to give your business the opportunity to grab a piece of this exploding CBD market. From stocking stuffers to gift bundles and even quick impulse buys, HempMeds® has the CBD products your customers are looking for to cross names off their holiday shopping list. 

We will link to the products that we discuss in our retail store where you can learn more about these CBD oil products.

CBD Stocking Stuffers and Impulse Buys

HempMeds® offers a number of products that, because of their size and price, make a great small gift, stocking stuffer, or Secret Santa present for your customers. When marketed as add on gifts or presents for smaller gift budgets, these CBD products have the potential to increase your average sales. This holiday season, add these grab-and-go purchases to your register display and watch them fly out your door.

CBD stocking stuffers

CBD Gems

Edible CBD products have been in hot demand lately as a tasty and easy way to use CBD each day. Dixie Botanicals® CBD Gems come in two delicious fruit flavors – watermelon and mango. Each Gem has 10 mg of CBD. Packaged in a slim 10-ct pouch, Dixie Botanicals® are a low cost stocking stuffer or gift for any holiday occasion. Our CBD Gems are also available in a 30-ct jar to fill bigger gift-giving needs. 

flavored CBD tinctures

CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are convenient CBD liquids that tend to be lower in CBD, smaller in size, and lower in price, making them perfect as quick gifts for the wellness-focused consumer. 1 oz CBD oil tinctures from Dixie Botanicals® and RSHO® in particular make ideal stocking stuffers thanks to their small size and low price point. 

Each bottle of Dixie Botanicals® Dew Drops 1 oz tinctures contains 100 mg of CBD, just under 2 mg of CBD per serving. Dew Drops tinctures are available in delicious flavors, including peppermint

RSHO® 1 oz Blue Label CBD Oil Tincture combines our full spectrum, decarboxylated CBD oil with MCT oil for an easy to measure, easy to use CBD liquid. Each small bottle contains 100 mg of CBD. 

best CBD isolate

RSHO® 1 Gram Jars

Another great add-on purchase for your customers is 1 gram jars from RSHO®. Available in our popular Gold Label, our exclusive Special Blend, and our Maximum Strength CBD oils, as well as in our 99% pure CBD isolate, RSHO® 1 gram jars pack a lot of CBD into a tiny package. 

1 gram of our refined RSHO® Gold Label contains 240 mg of CBD. The same amount of Special Blend contains 380 mg of CBD. RSHO® Maximum Strength ups this to 450 mg of CBD. All of these products are made with our full spectrum CBD oil. 

For unrivaled CBD potency and purity, there is no product like RSHO® CBD Isolate powder. Ultra-refined to a purity of over 99% CBD, this product can be used in a number of ways, including vaping, infusing into homemade edibles, and more. 

CBD balm


CBD Salve

Three of our brands – RSHO®, Dixie Botanicals®, and HempMeds® – offer nourishing CBD salve. These 1.3 oz jars contain 50 mg of CBD each. Designed to be applied topically, these topicals feature ingredients like beeswax, camphor oil, and botanicals like cedarwood and lavender. CBD topicals like our CBD salves are a common first point of contact with CBD for many consumers, making them a CBD bestseller for many retailers. You can find our CBD skincare products.

CBD for pets

Hemp Oil for Pets™

For most consumers in the U.S., pets are an important part of the family, so why not offer hemp oil products in your store for Fido as well. Because mammals like cats and dogs have the same system to interact with CBD as humans, pets can benefit from the wellness of benefits of hemp oil with CBD as well. 

Pet products from HempMeds® like our Hemp for Pets™ 1 oz full-spectrum hemp oil tincture and 1.3 oz Hot Spot & Itch Balm are ideal small gifts for pet lovers

CBD Gifts and Gift Bundles

CBD products also make great full-sized gifts for anyone interested in adding to their healthy lifestyle. HempMeds® carries CBD in a wide variety of product types, CBD concentrations, and prices, giving you plenty to choose from when looking to offer CBD products to your customers. 

While you can choose any of the CBD products in the HempMeds® line to feature in your store, here are some ideas for products and bundles that can help drive gift sales for your business this holiday season. 

CBD skin and hair care

HempMeds® Bath and Body

Due to their nourishing qualities, CBD and hemp bath and body products are increasingly popular among consumers. They also make great gifts for an extensive demographic of people, making them a must-have for your store. 

The products in the HempMeds® bath and body line of CBD products include Purifying Hemp Shampoo, Nourishing Hemp Conditioner, Revitalizing Hemp Body Wash, Hydrating Body Lotion, Soothing Body Balm, and CBD Essential Body Oil

Bundle the shampoo and conditioner or body wash and body lotion or even the full bath and body line when running your holiday sales to encourage the purchase of multiple products. 

Check out our complete bath and body line of CBD and hemp products

CBD products for sleep

Everyday Wellness 

Your customers can give the gift of wellness this holiday season with these functional herbal wellness products. The Everyday Wellness CBD line from HempMeds® has been specifically formulated with botanical ingredients like peppermint, chamomile, and turmeric to naturally support sleep, digestive health, and immune function. Each capsule contains 15 mg of CBD from our top quality full-spectrum hemp oil. 

Immune Support, Digestive Support, and Sleep Support from HempMeds® Everyday Wellness can be sold separately, but try offering them at a discount when a customer buys all three to drive even higher sales this holiday season. 

best CBD product bundles

CBD Bundles

Gift bundles are an effective way to give your customers shopping ideas for those on their gift list and for you as a retailer to sell more items per transaction this season. 

You could group Dixie Botanicals® Dew Drops 1 or 2 oz tinctures in cinnamon or peppermint with our topical Salvation Balm. Dixie Botanicals® Kicks CBD energy chews can be bundled with our CBD Vape Liquid in either Blackberry Lemonade, Sour Watermelon, or Vanilla Caramel. Visit the full Dixie Botanicals® CBD brand

The RSHO® brand offers top-quality CBD oil in a variety of product types. You can bundle these together in nearly countless combinations during your holiday sales. Some possibilities include selling 2 oz RSHO® tinctures with the same or different label CBD capsules. You can also offer a bundle of CBD products with non-detectable THC with RSHO-X™ and RSHO® CBD Isolate. You can find more about the entire RSHO® CBD oil line

While any of HempMeds® CBD products work great when grouped together, here are a few additional ideas for CBD bundles to offer at a discount for the holidays. 

HempMeds® Recovery Bundle

  • RSHO® Green Capsules
  • RSHO® Gold Capsules
  • RSHO® CBD Salve

HempMeds® Essentials Bundle

  • RSHO® Gold Capsules
  • RSHO® Green Liquid
  • RSHO® CBD Salve

There is no limit to ways HempMeds® products can be sold together to help promote wellness in today’s consumer. You know your customers best. Contact your HempMeds® representative to find the best products to offer in your store. 

best CBD gifts

Stock Up for the Holiday Season

Don’t wait to fill your shelves to ensure you are ready for the start of the holiday shopping season and have the CBD products your customers are looking for this year. 

Already a wholesaler with HempMeds®? Contact your HempMeds® representative to place your holiday order or to learn about any promotions we are running to make it easier to offer CBD to your customers. 

Want to become a wholesaler through HempMeds®? You can learn more about CBD for businesses like yours or get started with a HempMeds® CBD wholesale account. 

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