Hemp Shampoo and Conditioner



An incredible source of CBD, CBD hemp oil is also rich in valuable essential fatty acids, proteins, and vitamins that nourish hair and restore its natural balance. Hemp CBD shampoo and conditioner are luxurious, natural ways to keep your hair clean and your scalp healthy.

About CBD Hair Care Products

Hemp hair care products like hemp shampoo and hemp conditioner are packed with all the goodness of hemp, including CBD (cannabidiol) and nutrients, proteins, vitamin E, zinc, and fatty acids that revive and rejuvenate even the driest of hair.


The CBD and dietary nutrients found in hemp oil offer great benefits to you and your hair, including strengthening and moisturizing your hair and promoting hair growth. Made with superior hemp CBD oil and other all-natural ingredients, our line of hemp hair care products are a great addition to your hair care routine.

Benefits of CBD Oil for the Hair

Hemp CBD oil, when added as an ingredient to shampoo and conditioner, provides many valuable nutrients and cannabinoids like CBD. When you massage hemp hair care products into your hair and scalp, you’re delivering to them these nourishing compounds.

CBD Hair Care Products

HempMeds® carries only the highest quality CBD hair care products, including hemp shampoo and hemp conditioner. Our hemp oil hair products are free of artificial dyes, parabens and sulfate, so you just get the natural antioxidating and nourishing effects of CBD.


From our Personal Care Line, our CBD-infused Hydrating & Purifying Hemp Shampoo features a botanical blend of hemp CBD oil, argan oil, and goji berry to clean, nourish, and moisturize your hair and scalp.


Packed with CBD and nutrient-rich botanicals like argan oil, goji berry, and green tea, our Nourishing Hemp Conditioner moisturizes, repairs, and detangles your hair.


Enjoy both our hemp shampoo and hemp conditioner into your hair care routine and save with our Hair Care Deal.

Why Choose HempMeds® for CBD Hair Care?

There are many reasons to choose HempMeds® for CBD-infused hair care — and nearly all of them come down to quality. Since 2012, we’ve upheld an unwavering commitment to the highest standard of quality across every step of our production process. From the hemp that we source and the formulations that we use to the testing we execute and the pricing options we offer for individual and commercial consumers, we bring uncompromising quality to everything we do. If you’re looking to buy CBD hair care, we’re the clear choice. Here’s why:


  • We use the world’s finest all-natural hemp. The best ingredients for your body are those that come from nature — no synthetics included. Starting things off on the right foot, we source our all-natural, non-GMO hemp from a generational family-owned farm in the Netherlands. With centuries of hemp cultivation experience, these farmers craft thriving plants while avoiding the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides, which helps keep the hemp free of unwanted contaminants. The result is highly nutritional hemp containing nothing but the goodness of the plant itself.


  • We use supercritical CO2 extraction to extract our CBD. Next up in our production process is CBD extraction, which we execute using supercritical CO2. This responsible and safe extraction process uses controlled pressure and temperature to keep CO2 in a liquid state, where it is incredibly stable and effective at separating CBD from hemp plant materials. This results in clean, highly-concentrated CBD extract ready for formulation.


  • We engineer highly-effective natural formulations. Sure, CBD extract has exciting benefits for the body — but it’s not the only ingredient necessary for world-class hair care. To give your hair the nutrients it needs, we’ve formulated our hair care products with a host of additional all-natural ingredients, including argan oil, goji berry, and vitamin E, zinc, and fatty acids from the hemp plant itself. These ingredients nourish the hair and scalp with essential compounds while providing plenty of moisture to keep hair soft and strong.


  • We employ the Triple Lab Testing® process across all of our products. To ensure that our products are both safe and reliable, we subject them to the Triple Lab Testing® process, through which they are tested in third-party, ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited testing labs a total of three times: once before and immediately following harvest, again after importing the CBD oil into the U.S., and once more before packaging our finished formulations. Your hair deserves the very best, which is why we test again and again to make sure that our products are just that.


  • We offer bulk and wholesale buying options. Consumers worldwide are learning about the many benefits of CBD and beginning to buy CBD hair care products for daily use. If you operate a grocery store, med spa, wellness clinic, or other retail location and would like to start selling products like our Hydrating & Purifying Hemp Shampoo and Nourishing Hemp Conditioner, we offer an affordable way to buy CBD hair care via buying in bulk or wholesale.
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