CBD Edibles



At HempMeds, we offer the best quality CBD edibles in several different flavors and serving sizes. As a leader in the CBD industry, you can count on us to deliver the CBD edibles and edible products that you demand – perfect combinations of flavor and CBD to provide you with the maximum benefit.

What Are CBD Edibles?

In general, CBD edibles are products that are infused with CBD. When ingested and digested, cannabidiol is released into the individual’s body, providing them with the non-intoxicating effects and benefits of CBD


CBD has rapidly grown in popularity over the last several years, and CBD edibles provide a simple (and delicious) way to get your daily serving of CBD.


There are many types of CBD edibles out there; typically available in a variety of serving sizes and flavors.

Benefits and Effects of CBD Edibles

There have been many scientific studies evidencing the medical benefits of CBD

While there are many different ways that CBD can be ingested, CBD edibles offer several benefits that some people prefer:

  • Longer relief: It takes CBD edibles longer to take effect than other quick-releasing forms of CBD (such as CBD vape juice). However, since the CBD is released as the food is digested, CBD edibles usually give a longer-lasting effect – up to two hours longer than vaping.
  • Easier servings: CBD edibles are offered in a variety of serving options. CBD oil edibles are accurately processed with a specified amount of CBD in each piece. This makes it extremely easy to manage serving sizes and monitor CBD intake.
  • Perfect for on-the-go: Depending on how you ingest your CBD, it can be difficult to carry and take your CBD when away from home. CBD edibles like candy are perfect on-the-go options; just keep a few in your pocket or purse and use them when you need them!

Buying CBD From HempMeds

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